What type of training is best for BJJ?

Trying to workout what type of training is best for BJJ is a long and confusing search if you don’t know what to look for. We have done over 20 years of research and development and have developed a map. This map helps you to identify where you are at and gives you a clear path toward world class Strength and Mobility.

Do You Have A Map?

The physical demands of BJJ cover all the athletic abilities. To improve at jiu-jitsu we need to level up our athleticism but what is the best way to chart this unknown territory? You need a map to guide you so you can get to the promised land of supreme physical capabilities strong and mobile.

In order to get there quickly and safely Bulletproof for BJJ has created the standards that you can use to guide you away from pain and stiffness, then toward a body that is resilient and injury free.

Where Are You Now?

So you can improve and move forward you need to know exactly where you are at right now. Enter the Bulletproof for BJJ Standards. We have identified the 13 key movements that you need to develop in order to have world class strength and mobility. We have categorised them into a belt system that mirrors BJJ.

How to get from Point A to Point B?

Everyone starts as a white belt. Some of you will find you have a higher standard in certain movements but in order to be a Purple belt in Bulletproof you must be able to demonstrate all 13 standards to the required, set, rep and weight with great technique. Just like a BJJ grading you must meet the standard to hold the rank

Our mission is to help all grapplers that follow the program to attain the standard of Bulletproof fro BJJ Purple Belt.

Our Foundation program shows you how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. We have cut out all the fluff, putting together the exact method of how to transform from a physical white belt to an Athletic Black belt.

We all need Guidance on the Path. In order to be successful in Jiu-jitsu you need a great coach who gives good guidance. As part of the Bulletproof for BJJ Tribe you have access to both

JT & Joey to give you help and feed back. In order for you to “grade” you will need to submit your videos performing the standards. The bulletproof brothers will asses each clip individually to approve your Grade.

Some movements will improve quicker than others and the program has an inbuilt function, that once you have been ‘graded’ on a movement your program will automatically level up to set a new challenge for you to work up to.

With the standard set, how often you work on these skills generally determines how quickly you improve. To be able to complete all 13 standards we recommend training 2-3 days every week. There is an option for an additional workout for those with time and inclination to push their standards!

The new Bulletproof for BJJ Belt Standards and Belt System will be released in late 2021 and will serve as the foundation for the other training options: kettlebells, bodyweight, flexibility, Home Gym which will still be available to all subscribers and can be done side by side.