Healy Poked Bulletproof for BJJ
3x A week is what you need to improve at BJJ

At the start of the year a lot of us consider everything we have done, reflect on experiences and decide what we want the next 12 months to look like.

What do you want to do and experience in 2022?

Many people will set goals and this can be helpful to have something to aim for but there is another way for you to approach this question of how to make change real in your life. What kind of a person are you trying to be? Are you the kind of person who eats junk food? Are you the kind of person who learns another language? Are you someone who trains BJJ?

In order to make something a habit (a requirement to be good at something) it must become part of your life and also your identity. Attaching an action to your identity is one of the strongest things you can do to ensure you stick to it. If you want to be good at BJJ you must be the Kind of person who actively trains to learn and improve.

There is so much to learn that training anything less than 3 days per week is merely a holding pattern. 2 days a week is enough for you to feel like you are staying connected but this is only 8 days out of a potential 20 days (if we say the maximum you would train is 5 X per week) This is less than half the available time. The key to getting good at something is being someone who practices regularly.

3 X per week is equal to 12/ 20 potential sessions which equates to 60% which is a majority. There are always things that will get in the way of BJJ consistency- a Pandemic is one of them! That said you need to ask yourself have you made your BJJ learning a habit? Are you the kind of person who shows up regularly. If not it’s time to make a change, 3 X per week is actually the minimum it takes to improve.

Whether you are trying to get better at BJJ, lose weight, quit smoking or just trying to save money you have to look at any of these actions and ask your self am I taking actions that help or hinder me? The key is to pair your desired out come with who you are- Be the type of person who goes to the gym, says “I’m not a smoker.” The type of person who doesn’t eat desert, that cancels their credit card. It takes courage to make a change but it’s worth it because your actions matter and the person you want to be is only a couple of good actions away.