Are you testing yourself every time you step to the barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell or any other Bell for that matter? Using every workout to prove yourself worth, blow off some steam or just feel like the true beast that you are?

We have all been there and this my friends is not the path to progress.
Testing will only let you know how strong you are today!

If you are looking to legitimately improve your strength, mobility or endurance its going to take a plan, a structure and some consistency to get there.

Structured Training to the Rescue!! The systematic approach of gradually increasing and alternating: load, intensity, frequency and movement complexity all goes together to make up the mysterious art of Periodization.
Your progress up this mountain is not a linear arc always on the ascent, there are plateaus, injuries and regressions lying in wait for you.

With a Training/ Systems approach you will look at a much larger scope of improvement than just “ What did you Bench today?”
You can look across the days, weeks, and months and see how each will move you toward ‘’ How strong will I be in 6 months?” No mystery required.

The Testing/ Outcome approach is incredibly short sighted and while satisfying in an instant gratification kinda way – HOW DARE YOU! Enjoy a workout for the sake of it, this will not build the momentum you need to achieve real sustained improvement. This why every single workout challenge right now is a little redundant! Actually no I’ma say it – They are all Redundant!!
( better than sitting on the couch but that’s not an option so…)

Why Do 100 reps of everything ??

This lacks a purposefulness that we all need right now. I Know that suddenly having a lot of time on your hands and no gym to do anything about it is like – Frustrating AF!!! Let’s not lose sight of the true delayed satisfaction that is BJJ the suffering of many days in the name of longer term technical Bad-Assery. (Possibly Not a word…)

Regardless the same is true of Strength and flexibility development. Pick your purpose in this time of languish and laziness. You can be your own hero and it will take a small but daily commitment to stick to your plan TO GET BETTER.
We can help you get stronger and more mobile so when you can finally Roll Again you will be the Jiujitsu weapon you have always wanted to be and you know what else? You will be less likely to be injured because you have made your joints like flexible steel – basically you will become a mixture of Spider-man, Wonder Woman and Marcus “Buchecha “Almeida .
(Disclaimer: Results may Vary)

If you would like a systematic approach to getting your body ready for the best jiu-jitsu of your life join our community at – www.bulletproofforbjj.com