I get asked all the time by my  jiu-jitsu family ”What is the fastest way to get stronger for BJJ specifically ?”  

I have a couple of secret time hacks to make massive improvements to your BJJ game. Today we’re talking GRIPS!

Now I know there are plenty of people out there who think that their current level of jiu-jitsu training already has the grip thing covered – wrong!! You could be leaving a huge amount of BJJ development on the table by not working on your grip strength… This is the case simply because your grips often dictate your ability to do almost everything else in BJJ!


If you want to Throw and pass your opponent like Rodolfo Viera or play guard, sweep and submit people like Ruebens ‘Cobrinha ‘Charles you are going to need next level grip Strength and endurance. Improved grip also enhances your ability to recruit the rotator cuff muscles which makes for healthier shoulders


Maximal Grip Strength:  your ability to take a grip

Dynamic Grip Strength:  your ability repeatedly make grips

Isometric Grip Strength: your ability to keep a grip 

Grip strength is essential for grappling

At Bulletproof For BJJ, our goal is to give you only the most bang-for-your-buck exercises… The following workout is composed of two major supersets with one accessory exercise, this means you can get more out of your workout time while covering all bases. The following program is suitable for any level of Bulletproof athlete, with the exception of Superset 1. We suggest beginners use the exercise variation indicated below


   A1) Barbell single-arm deadlifts, 4 sets X 3 reps

   A2) Gi grip pull ups, 4 sets X 5 reps

(Rest up to 90 seconds once you have completed both exercises)

BEGINNERS: conventional deadlift and gi-grip inverted row


   B1) Bottoms up press, 4 sets X 5 reps each

   B2) Farmers walk carries, 4 sets X 40 meters or 80 steps on the spot

(Rest up to 90 seconds once you have completed both exercises)


   C1) Active hangs (timed), 3 sets as long as possible.

Work at approximately 75-85% of your Repetition Max. You can guesstimate this by starting light and completing some warm up sets of each major exercise, gradually adding more weight (5-10%) each set until the effort you are putting out to complete that set feels like a 7 or 8 out of 10. 

(1/10 being very easy and 10/10 being a maximal effort!)

There are no short cuts to a healthy and strong body. That having been said, specific strength characteristics when trained correctly will have greater cross over and transferability, giving you greater athleticism for grappling. 

For optimal results look to do each of these workouts twice a week. For full demonstrations and explanations of every exercise mentioned here subscribe to bulletproofforbjj.com