Strength Program Information

Complete Each Workout Once Per Week

The workouts below each need to be completed once per week. That’s two total workouts per week. If you feel compelled to train more, you can repeat one or both workouts, and you’re free to add in more Mobility sessions as you wish. If you can only make time to train once per week, we suggest you follow one workout for six weeks, and then the second workout for six weeks. This format is not ideal, however you will still see results over time.

Understand The Different Phases

1. Functional Hypertrophy.
2. Strength.
3. Strength Endurance.

Follow The Workout As It’s Written

 The order of the workout is important. We’ve designed it to maximise your performance on and off the mats, so stick to the format. The names of the different workout parts describe the intention of that part, so use these to understand your workout better. A simple guide: 

Warm Up / Activation – this is not a ‘workout’ but a warm up. Work through these exercises accurately, and at a low intensity. We’re preparing your body for the work to follow. Approach this like you would drilling.

Superset / Tri-set / Primary – these are your main pieces of work and should be approached as such. Focus on nailing the technique as described in the videos, and push the intensity as much as your technique allows you to. If your technique starts to fall apart, reduce the load/resistance until the technique cleans up. Approach this like you would the toughest rolls in the gym.

Finisher / Core-Grip / Accessory / Extra – These are the final pieces of work. Work hard through these exercises too, but don’t feel as compelled to increase the intensity as you might in the work sets mentioned above.

Use The Videos

The videos are how we teach you to train well, so use them. We’ve included an Instructional video where we break down the movement in detail, as well as a Demo video where you can see a few reps of the movement without us talking. Use them as needed, especially in your first few weeks of a new training cycle.

Aim For Small Increase In Intensity Each week

In order for you to continually get stronger and more mobile, we need to increase the intensity from session to session. We’re not looking for world changing increases, but just a little something that ensures you’re on a path of constant development. An increase in intensity might look like:
– Adding 1-5% load to an exercise
– Holding a position for 20s instead of 15s
– Resting for 60s instead of 90s
– Getting a little bit deeper into a position
– Adding a rep to your work set (as long as it’s within the prescribed rep ranges).

Don’t try to change the world every session. And don’t expect to be able to make gains each week, but approach it with that intention. Remember that the greatest changes are made with small, consistent efforts over a long period of time.

Got Questions?

We hang out in the Bulletproof Community Page every day and will answer any questions you might have there. Feel free to post a question there anytime as well as any technique videos you would like us to give you feedback on.