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A program forged through decades of practicing BJJ, Strength and Mobility coaching. We are living the BJJ life, and we understand the game from the inside out.

Adam Abbate

“Despite being a Judoka and not a BJJ player, the Bulletproof program has made a marked difference to my grappling and my Judo in general. I’m definitely more flexible and have developed newfound strength in unexpected ways that is pretty evident whilst grappling”

Bridget Mottram

“The Bulletproof program is the best gym program for my jiu jitsu that I’ve had yet! As opposed to traditional bodybuilding programs, with the Bulletproof program I’ve seen gradual gains, that don’t hinder my training through post-weights muscle pain. I’m also now stronger in jitz-specific positions, like z-guard, which opens up new options for my game!”

Chris Grant

“A great program to assist any BJJ athletes training. It was tailored to my needs, and following this program gave me improved strength and flexibility in the areas where I needed it. These improvements flowed through Into my training on the mats and mitigated the potential damage I received with a recent knee injury. I Highly recommend it.”

Marc Butler

“As a mature novice player who struggles with flexibility — BJJ can be a very tough love. Bulletproof has helped me with improved body awareness, and the management of chronic injuries. Which has given me the confidence to experiment, improving my experience both on and off the mats.”

James Allan Diamond

“Without putting anyone off joining Jiu Jitsu, i’ve suffered multiple serious injuries from getting too far ahead of myself on the mats. The worst being a shoulder dislocation leading to a full reconstruction. Being injured has lead me to continually seek different ways to keep me safe on the mats. I can truthfully say that Joey and JT at Bulletproof have been the only holistic program that has decreased my injury rate on the mats while increasing my strength and conditioning”

Adam Childs

“Working with the Bulletproof Program has been awesome! As someone who has had numerous injuries over the years it’s refreshing to find a program that’s dedicated to not only making you stronger and more mobile but also focus on stabilizing your body to remain injury free and be able to continue training day after day, year after year. 5 out of 5, absolutely game changing!”

Barton Tanner

“Having been a BJJ enthusiast for about 6 years, I know the niggles and injuries that come with the sport. I was so excited to see a program that specifically dealt with this. One thing is clear, these guy know their stuff and are passionate about sharing. Participating in the Bulletproof program has made me stronger, more mobile, able to move easier and transition positions on the mats. It has really levelled up my game, whilst cutting down on my niggle injuries. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to spend more time on the mats, carry less injuries and have more fun as they take their game to the next level!”

Jake O’Neill

“Early into my BJJ journey I started the BBJJ Program. Since starting I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of detail when explaining techniques and movements. I’ve been able to jump straight in without any prerequisite knowledge and i’m seeing results straight away. Would highly recommend this program to anyone of all skill levels to aid in their development of BJJ whilst strengthening their bodies to minimise and avoid injury. The fundamentals are easy to follow and will help me for years to come in my BJJ journey.”

Adrian Powell

“I tore my adductor in competition in May 2018 and tumbled into a downward spiral of not training, attempting to train, aggravating my injury and not training. I was close to quitting. Sitting on the sidelines sucks and i’m not good at taking breaks from training.  When the BBJJ program became available I jumped at the chance. Less than a year later, I’m relatively injury-free, training loads, developing, competing, and now back knocking on the door of middle-heavy from Pesadissmo. Most importantly i’m loving Jiu Jitsu, and not feeling like a slave to it”

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