#80 Are BJJ Belts A thing Of The Past: Has new school BJJ disrupted the Jiu-jitsu Hierarchy?

Do belts still matter? Is the martial arts Hierarchy outdated? Which ever side of the fence you are on seniority and authority provides structure and gives direction. If you love the modern movement in BJJ toward No-Gi submission grappling, you may not respect the old ways and don’t see the need for belts as long as you are skilful grappler.
There are many world class athletes who have only trained a short period of time and built very effective games that are beating much more experienced blackbelts.
From 10th Planet to DDS and now the B-Team, do these rebels of the new school have the next step in the evolution of the art? Or are the traditional standards of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu still relevant and key to developing great grapplers?