#74 How To Beat Injury: Insights from the BJJ Physiotherapist Siobhan Mooren

Do you have a Physiotherapist? Do they train BJJ? Siobhan Mooren came to Jiu-jitsu with martial arts experience from Karate and also playing AFL football. She has suffered a torn Labrum  in her hip from wake boarding and had to eventually have surgery. For 6 months she trained and battled through the injury until she couldn’t walk. Needless to say she is one tough human.
Originally she wanted to be a veterinarian but her love of sport and lifting lead her towards studying physiotherapy. On today’s episode she drops key insights into what you need to do to avoid injury and what it takes to bounce back.

If you have an injury and live in QLD Australia and looking for a Great Physiotherapist you can book in with Siobhan by clicking the link below: