#66 BJJ Imposter Syndrome: I don’t deserve my Belt.

Just been graded but didn’t think you were ready? Feeling like you can’t live up to your belt?
Imposter syndrome affects us all in different areas of our life and self doubt is hard to shake.
JT & Joey unpack why you may not be the best judge of your own Jiu-jitsu game. It’s important to consider some key factors in any developmental process:

Trusting your coach
Arrogance Vs Confidence
Where were you 1 year ago?
Get feed back on your Game
The various levels to each belt

Don’t let the challenge of sucking and not succeeding make you quit. Not feeling worthy is fuel for the fire to work on parts of your game that might be lacking. Don’t let the uncertainty hold you back for doing what you need to do, to grow and improve.