#64 Cutting Weight Scientifically with Dr Reid Reale: The head of Nutrition at the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai reveals how you can cut weight properly for BJJ.

Need to cut weight for a BJJ Competition?  Dr Reid Reale is the authority on how to get it done right. He is the head of Nutrition at the UFC Performance Center Shanghai, he is a Black belt in BJJ and his PHD research forms the basis for the best way to cut weight in combat sports world wide.

Weight loss VS Fat Loss
Water loading
Low Residue Diets
UFC Fight week process
The Smarter way to cut

Reid and JT have some shared history in competition BJJ and go deep on what it takes to run a successful weight cut for weigh in on the day versus the day before weigh-ins. They discuss all the details you need to understand to do this right. He shares insights into how it is done at the highest level in the UFC.
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