#45 How To Avoid BJJ Burnout: Minimise Injuries to stay in the Jiu-jitsu game long term

How many times a week do you train BJJ?  We all wish we could train more because it can be such an enjoyable and addictive experience. But More does not equal better! If you are rolling most days you might be railroading yourself into a serious injury. JT & Joey talk you through how to avoid BJJ Burnout and still train enough to improve.

The pressure to compete and it’s  costs
Coach says I should train Everyday
Why More doesn’t equal Better
Lifestyle choices, stress and rolling are a strong cocktail
What is too much? How to stay in the game.

This episode is all about how you can avoid the most common pitfalls of any keen Jiu-jitsu frother and make it to Black belt with your brain & body more or less intact.