Bulletproof For BJJ Podcast

This is the official podcast of the Bulletproof For BJJ movement. Hosted by JT & Joey. Each episode the founders break down problems that Jiu-jitsu people experience, giving guidance and tips to improve your training for BJJ. With the goal of helping every body on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu path reduce their chance of injury, improve their strength and mobility to become more resilient.

JT’s Journey to Black Belt

(Warning! Explicit Language.) On today's show Joey interviews JT on what it took for him to achieve his Black belt. From the early white belt froth in 2008, getting brutalised and getting the Jiu-jitsu bug. Traveling and training in Brazil,...View More

Fix your Bio-Mechanics to stop BJJ Breakdown

(Warning! Explicit Language) Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is not a fitness solution! On today's show JT and Joey help dispel the myth that simply doing BJJ is a good way to get in shape. The not so gentle art will break your body down. The Bulletproof...View More

Flexibility & Mobility: The Secret to BJJ Longevity

(Explicit Language Warning) In today's show JT and Joey go deep on flexibility and mobility like a Jean Claude Van Damme split! What is the difference between the two very different abilities to move your body? There are also deeper explanations...View More

Why Strength will save your Jiu-jitsu Life

In today's show JT & Joey discuss in depth how strength will  not only save your Jiu-jitsu career but also help you bounce back when Injury strikes. In this discussion giving real world examples and cautionary tales to give insight so you...View More

Pain Management and BJJ

In today's show JT & Joey break down the difference between Pain and Discomfort. How  both of these sensations show up, knowing the difference between them and then what to do about it. The Bulletproof boys explore what else might be going...View More

The Pillars of Bulletproof for BJJ

(Explicit Language) In today's show JT & Joey breakdown the 2 pillars of the Program: Strength and Mobility.  The bulletproof brothers go deep on the importance why being stronger will save you and how improving your mobility will reduce...View More

The Birth of Bulletproof For BJJ

(Explicit Language Warning!) In this episode Joey ( Joe Worthington) and JT ( James Tomlinson) give you the inside story on how they each discovered BJJ. How they met? What brought them to develop their individual approaches to training ...View More