Why Lifting Weights is more important than BJJ.

"Raising the bar" is a phrase that can be associated with improvement. When we look at this from a very literal sense, you raising the Bar being a Barbell and imposing resistance on yourself to get stronger this is actually the best way to improve all aspects of your life including your BJJ. Just doing more BJJ isn't the answer to long term health and physical capacity.

The habit of lifting weights 2-3 times per week consistently across your lifetime will have a much bigger impact on your quality of life than just helping you be stronger for Jiu-jitsu. The benefits are innumerable but let's touch on the most important of them:

  • Improves Hormone Regulation: As the human body goes through the process of ageing our ability to produce and regulate hormones declines. All our major health functions rely on these hormones and thats where lifting can help. When you lift weights your body responds by creating a burst of Growth Hormone (GH), Testosterone and Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF.) These magic chemicals make you stronger, increase metabolism, appetite and energy levels. They also help you grow muscle! The only down side is, this amazing cocktail that makes your body younger only lasts a limited amount of time after lifting. That means if you want to keep experiencing all the benefits you have to keep showing up regularly.


  • Staying Capable: Suffering injury or illness is terrible for the obvious reasons but the less visible effect is how it sidelines you from the things you love- mainly BJJ. The other aspect of this predicament is your lack of independence, you now need help. This lack of freedom and autonomy which was so easy only days before is now not an option which can have a big impact on our mental health. The better your health the better you will bounce back, maintaining your physical capacity by lifting regularly will mean these types of set backs are short and less frequent. To maintain our freedom and enjoyment of our bodies as we age we need to do some maintenance.


  • Enforced Mindfulness: Meditation has been shown to help lengthen your Telomeres ( the caps on the ends of your chromosomes) Shortened Telomeres can be an indication of premature ageing. When you are under a heavy barbell or Kettlebell all you can think about is your breathing and focusing on executing your reps. Heavy weight training can definitely be looked at as a form of "Enforced Mindfulness" because if you don't focus and just breath correctly you might just break your back. This intense focus eliminates all other thought allowing moments of mental silence- no bills, no job, no kids, just you and the weight your are trying to move. This part is pure conjecture but if lying still and breathing can focus your mind, then a double body weight Squat can too.

Injury, disability and ill health are not things we associate with BJJ but this crazy thing we do can prematurely age us and eventually retire us from rolling all together because of the toll it can take. In order for us to have the best experience we can of learning and practicing this great martial art we need to build the habit of lifting regularly. This will ensure that we still have a body we can depend on after we stop BJJ. Lifting has positive cross over to every other aspect of our lives for as long as we keep it up. Enhance your Jiu-jitsu and your life as a whole, Raise The Bar.


BERLIN here we come.

The first Seminar of the Bulletproof World Tour has been booked.

Our good Friends at Check Mat Berlin will be hosting our Bulletproof Mobility seminar Saturday 2nd of July 2pm - 4.30pm.

I am super excited to meet everyone in person and get in depth on what BJJ folks are doing wrong that leads them into injury and also what they can do to remedy these problems and give them the tools to get them out of pain and moving better for the rest of their Jiu-jitsu journey.

The event is open invitation but tickets are limited and must be prepaid.

If you are interested to attend or host a seminar contact me.  jt@bulletproofforbjj.com