Variety Vs Consistency: Which is better for BJJ Development?

The key to improving at any skill is Consistency. The spice of life is Variety. If you keep doing the same thing year in and year out this can kill the joy that inspired the BJJ chase in the first place. In order to consistently get better at Jiu-jitsu it's not an either or question, we need to juggle 2 major practices- Repetition: To master our current projects of skill acquisition and Play: To experiment and enjoy new techniques that will lead to new learning. Both of these practices sit at different ends of the same learning spectrum and I will outline how we can apply both to maximise our BJJ Development.

When & How Repetition can help you? When you first start practicing any new skill having a routine of repetition and movement practice is key. If you are always chopping and changing practicing new techniques none of them will stick. This is the common issue in most BJJ academies worldwide. The need for skill Repetition for beginners is the most important thing to form a foundation for the huge amount of learning that is required to become a skilled practitioner. 2 x 40minute sessions per week outside of regular class times, to practice specifically one skill or technique is needed. This can be done for a month or until you feel you have a good grip on the technique so you no longer have to consciously think about it while rolling, it should feel automatic.

Child Like Experiments & The Need for Play: The Buzz of learning new skills and the play of moving in such a different way get's you hooked. If you have been training for a number of years this novelty may have worn off. If you have fallen into a pattern of just showing up and going through the motions of doing the same old class format you will not be improving. At least once a week you need to mix up your experience of grappling. Try another style- Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, No-Gi or simply try a session at another academy. Allow your self to be a beginner again, take the pressure to perform off. Make mistakes and just have fun with it like a child just messing around. This new experience will increase your frame of reference, broaden your grappling horizon. This can reignite your passion for the art and create new neurological connections so when you return to your Repetition work you will have a new project to work on.

🛠 Repetition is the key to skill acquisition and your ability to go deep on any technique or position.

🎲 Play is at the heart discovery and expanding your skill set, creating breadth in your grappling education.

Repetition ➡️ Play ➡️ Consistency ➡️ Variety continually cycle into one another to create a swell of continuous learning and development.


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