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The Newsletter from the Bulletproof For BJJ brothers JT & Joey, to give you the insights you need to have a better BJJ life. .

  1. How to be State of The Art: Bulletproof Standards
  2. Technique of the Week: A new approach to training
  3. Community Spotlight: The Smiling Viking!
  4. The Audio Hook Up: Better Recovery Part 2.) Ep.15

How To Be State of the Art

When was the last time you experienced the very best of something?

A 5 star hotel. An amazing piece of technology, that blew your mind. Possibly you watched the Olympics and saw the World’s best putting on the greatest performance of their career.

We know greatest when we witness it because it stays with you. You look for comparisons but as long as that experience of “The Best” thing stays fresh in your mind it sets the standard.

We don’t often consider ourselves in this same sphere of “The Best.” But we do have memories and experiences of when we were at our best, fittest, strongest, healthiest. It might have been the time you trained for a marathon, or got in shape for your wedding or went trekking at altitude for months. This point in time marks your physical best and you can remember it like it was yesterday.

When we start BJJ almost no one tells you just how physically demanding it’s going to be. This doesn’t include all the lumps, bumps and knocks which are just par for the course when you learn the art of bending joints the wrong way.

Practicing BJJ takes it’s toll but it’s worth it. So we persist through all manner of injury and disability just to taste that beautiful post roll glory where you are hot, sweaty, completely spent and you feel great! But when you wake up the next day you feel like, you have been hit by a truck…

There is another way!

We need to change the way we train for BJJ to evolve the art. The answer is the Bulletproof For BJJ Standards. We are setting a new standard and changing the state of the art. It starts with your body. You can be the fittest, strongest and most flexible you have ever been in your life in a matter of 12 months but we need to change the way we train around BJJ.

We have identified the 12 key movements you need to master in order to have world class athleticism which will also prepare your body for the long journey to black belt so when you get there you are in better physical shape than when you started, not crippled and retired due to injury.

The 6 Strength and 6 Mobility standards are graded following the BJJ belt system. Everyone starts as a white belt and progresses through blue, purple, brown and ultimately Black Belt, which is world class.

The Standards let you know exactly where you at. While we all have certain strengths and weakness eg. You are a Black Belt at Pull Ups but cannot touch your toes, but in order for you to hold a blue belt in the Bulletproof For BJJ system you must be able demonstrate all techniques at the required reps across the 12 standards to be graded. This is an accountability that doesn’t exist in the culture of BJJ, till now.The Standards provide a measuring stick as well as a method of progression to go from white belt physical novice to Black belt athletic beast.

The new program will require that when you are ready to grade you post technique video of yourself to be assessed before you receive your grade. Our goal is that everyone in the world of BJJ should have a minimum standard of Purple belt across all 12 standards.

This will mean you have a significant level of strength development in combination with great mobility to injury proof your rig. For those who want to push for the highest levels of physical capability the options are there.

We can all remember ourselves at our best and have witnessed other sports and performances at their highest standard.

We believe you have yet to reach your physical peak. No matter what age you are you can achieve an even higher level of physical excellence and that this will mean a whole new level for your BJJ. The Bulletproof For BJJ Standards are the new State of The art for BJJ and this cultural shift starts with you.



Academy: Gracie Balmain

Started BJJ: 2020

Rank: White Belt 2 stripes

Started BJJ in 2020, White Belt 2 stripes

My mom used to do karate and my dad Judo. My dad would throw my brother and me around the living room, when we weren’t wrestling, with big laughs and I wanted to do the same. I remember putting on my parents’ GIs running around, pretending I was ‘Karate Kid’ but was never allowed to practice it.

So I ended up getting into long distance running later (God knows why..) but got injured – then turned to weightlifting. I LOVED pushing myself especially because people tended to dismiss me in harder, physical sports when I was younger because of my stature. Martial arts got pushed into the back of my mind for a long time because of this and I went through a bit of a though time where my focus was needed elsewhere.

Then I left Denmark and travelled to Australia! I lived a bit here and there but finally settled in Sydney. I needed a change and felt stuck in a rut with my training, and it had turned into just a habit, no fun. Especially when you knew no one.

I worked next to a BJJ school and spontaneously walked in after work, booked my first trial class. I’ve never walked into a place where everyone was so welcoming to someone new – a genuine community. I was absolutely hooked. It makes you feel confident and is like forced mindfulness. You are just present, and I always leave feeling amazing – it’s a bit of an addiction.

Before I started BJJ I had some not so fun recurring issues with my back from when I used to run a lot. One day I literally had to roll out of bed like a log. Finally, I got help fixing it - apparently disc related and after a lot of rehab I got the thumbs up.

Bulletproof has basically made my BJJ training journey! I never stretched, had no routine for my strength training and just felt I got weaker and couldn’t perform doing weights and BJJ on the same day. They take the guesswork out of it and their mobility routine has helped my back so much. Injury free!

I’m doing 1:1 training with JT as well. Honestly, since BJJ, it’s the best decision I made for my active life. Physically and mentally.
He understands what I want – get strong, get pushed feel capable and do BJJ. The training makes me feel strong and capable and gives me routine, which I love. And it’s a good yarn. I cannot recommend doing the Bulletproof Program or go and see the guys enough. Absolute game changer!

Can’t wait to see everyone back on the mats