The Weekly Fix: The Problem with Porrada

Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter giving you the insight that makes your BJJ lifestyle better. This week we dispel the myth of "Porrada" and give you the 3 key actions that will extend your life on the mats. Then we stacked your digital training bag with enough "life hack" swag to choke a lion.

  1. The Problem with Porrada: 3 Keys to Jiu-jitsu longevity
  2. Technique of the week: How to improve memory and get stronger (CLICK THE IMAGE)
  3. Community Spotlight: She is stronger than you!
  4. Training Top Tip: Change Your grip, save your back!

The problem with Porrada.

The old school approach of just train as hard as you can as often as you can is just not good enough.To get the most out of your Bjj training you need to prepare our bodies so that you can learn as much as possible then we need to recover to bounce back as fast as possible ready to do it all again.

Whether you train three times per week or three times per day, we need to make time to enhance recovery sooner, or we will have to make time for injury later.

‘’ But my BJJ heroes train 6 hours per day and their bodies look great, isn’t it all mindset?”

It’s not mindset it’s STEROIDS.

Elite level jiu-jitsu competition is fraught with steroid abuse, enabling many top competitors to push their bodies beyond what is possible for the regular everyday person.

To be able to survive the wear and tear of BJJ training week after week we need to stay healthy and there are many simple and natural ways to do this.

You need to sharpen your Axe before you use it, not use a blunt blade and just keep striking harder!

How to be your best for the longest:

The endless race that is life began before you joined the race and will continue after you leave it. The Question is in this race where would you like to finish at the Front of the race or at the tail end of the pack falling off the Back?

Jiu-jitsu is a great metaphor for life, the question is when you find this weird and crazy race how long do you want to stay in it for?  Whether or not you reach the front of the pack is irrelevant  (the front of the pack looks different for everyone) The fun of the race is often forgotten when you are severely injured and will no longer be able to keep rolling.

A balanced energy out put and restoration routine must be found in order for you to stay on the mat long enough to acquire the skills you need for a long term push for black belt..

3 Actions that improve longevity in the art of breaking and bending joints?

What actions are you taking to make your body more resilient so in the case of injury no matter how big or small you have an insurance policy that enables you to bounce back.

      1. Take the pressure Up??

Sometimes the body needs more pressure. (in particular places) Massage is the key to improving circulation and speeding your recovery. Also lying still, with your eyes closed and just breathing is incredibly beneficial to lower your over all nervous system tension. Smoothing out the ruff edges means greater efficiency and improved energy production for everything.

       2. Sharpen the Axe!

Prepare your body and Mind. Your warm up routine before lifting and rolling will improve your performance dramatically. It will not only help you be stronger it allows you to get in tune with where your body is really at. So if you have a tight shoulder you mobilise it and make sure its ready to work, avoiding injury while rolling.

       3. Clean the cup.

Rinse the cup straight away. If you leave it on the sink whatever residue that is left there will solidify and harden, making it much harder to scrub out later. Lactic acid, nitrogen waste and deoxygenated blood are much the same. If you stretch and cool down properly straight after training you are speeding your way to recovery and feeling good the next day. If you don’t these waste products pool and your recovery will take far longer, leaving you waking up sore the next day.

If you are not in the habit of doing things that help Heal and protect your body it’s going to be much harder to establish a new habit when suffering the pain and inability which injury can create.

The question is- What are you doing each day to prevent getting injured?



ACADEMY: Absolute MMA  (Vic)


RANK: Blackbelt

My ex-husband had done it throughout our marriage and it intrigued me and I thought it would be a great way to get myself out of my garage where I had been lifting weights and meet people while exercising.

I started jiu jitsu in my mid-30s, however this also meant that I had been lifting weights for over 15 years. This has essentially served me like a suit of armour, because I managed to make it to brown belt before I had my first bjj injury. It was a pretty big one though- grade 3 tear of my left AC shoulder joint, leaving me with a total shoulder separation.

I managed the rehab without the need for surgery, however this does mean that I need to remain vigilant with my prehab to ensure that the shoulder doesn't become even more compromised.

Bulletproof for BJJ came into my life during Melbourne lockdown 2.0, at a time when I recognised to prepare myself for the impending return to the mats. The mobility work in particular helped me tremendously and also made me recognise my own shortcomings in this area and the need to focus on mobility if I am to successfully stay on the mats into my 70s and 80s!!



So you like to deadlift? We are with you. How do you grip the bar? Double over hand, Torque or mixed grip?

If you are not sure what we are talking about it'a not a problem we will explain.

TORQUE/ MIXED GRIP; this is where you have one hand palm down and the other hand palm up. While this is a stronger grip that enables you to lift 10-20% more it creates not only torque on the bar but on your spine. The asymmetrical nature of the position at heavier loads can cause uneven loading through the lats and ultimately the spine which can result in a bulged disc. Many people love this grip for good reason but we have an alternative.

DOUBLE OVERHAND: In this position both of your palms are facing down. While this grip is not as easy to maintain under heavier loads it keeps your spine straight and your grip will give out before your back will. This has a Double benefit. 1. The more time you spend building your volume at this weight you know that you are at much less risk of hurting your back, provided you lift correctly. 2. Your grip for jiujitsu is going to get epically strong. So when you come to roll you will be a real hand full.

For extra challenge try a Double Underhand grip, it's harder than it sounds. Give it a try!

Happy Rolling Crew.