The Weekly Fix: The BIG 3 Energy builders

Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter designed to help you live your best  BJJ Life. This week we get into part 3 of how you can  Improve your energy for BJJ: The BIG 3 Energy Builders. These are the stock we need to invest in for big returns. Also a suplex of info to help you have a better weekend.

  1.  How to improve your energy for BJJ: The BIG 3 Energy builders
  2. Technique of the week:  4 keys to better injury management. (click the image)
  3. Community Spotlight: Revealing a hidden BJJ Monster!
  4. Training Top Tip: A Simple Snack to help you bounce back.

The BIG 3 Energy Builders

Before you start to build your energy it's key to find an efficiency. What is the best time of day for you to spend your energy to get the biggest bang for your buck? Everyone is different but consider you might be training BJJ at the wrong time of the day...?  Some people already bring a lot of energy to the table others perhaps keep a little more in reserve. Ideally when you consider your day you want to budget for yourself only a few major actions that you will spend your energy on, Do not over commitMost people have 3 phases to their day.

1) Morning 6-10am  (Early Bird)

2) Mid Day 11am-3pm    (Lunch time Lark)

3) Evening 4-8pm.   

( 8-12pm. The Night Owl shift but we do not recommend it.)

Depending on whether you are an Early bird, a Night owl  or a Lunchtime Lark this will tend to dictate when your energy is highest. This is when you need to do your most challenging work physically or mentally. 

For some of us it is as simple as just fitting it in, which means a lunchtime jiu-jitsu class hustle. As a work day can be unpredictable combined with the dynamic of family life you always want to leave a little in the tank for emergencies. Having some Energy savings is always a better option than running on empty.

If you are able to get MORE than 3 Major things done per day that’s a bonus and should be celebrated (One major task or action per phase is ideal). That said simplifying your day into 3 phases and knowing when your energy is highest will enable you to get the most out of your energy usage and enable to find efficiency that builds momentum and satisfaction.

Build your Energy

These are the 'BIG 3' activities you can invest in to build your energy, so you have more to work with.

      1. SLEEP

Sleep is number 1. It is the great regulator of all functions in the human body. This may require you to make more effort to get to bed earlier, stop scrolling socials in bed or eat dinner an hour earlier. This investment will give big returns, Better sleep = Bigger Energy. 

       2. LIFT WEIGHTS

The single proven Activity to keep your DNA young is resistance training. Your body’s process for protein synthesis is improved by lifting heavy things on the regular. Lifting also helps reset your nervous system and improve your body’s hormone production, all of which will improve your sleep quality. If you are suffering insomnia lifting is the cure you are seeking.

        3. NUTRITION

How you fuel your body is the MAJOR contributor to your energy levels. Digestion requires the biggest energy allocation of any process in the human body. What you are eating and when you are eating it has a huge impact on energy levels. To boost your energy eat more nutrient rich foods, this gets you more bang for your buck. Eating dinner earlier and a smaller meal will result in a better sleep  as the body will not have to allocate as much energy to digestion freeing it up for bodily repair and mental restoration. This will mean you wake up fresher with more energy to start your day.

These 3 activities are a powerful combo as they all work together synergistically to improve how your body produces energy on a cellular level. When considering your life and what you want from it, improved energy will only help.

You need to stop throwing your energy out the window toward activities that do not move your health or happiness forward. Additionally if you are not investing in the above BIG 3 you will be getting very little return. 

Remove what is holding you back, take steps forward and invest in building momentum.


JAKE O'DRISCOLL                                                                          STARTED BJJ: 11 years training                                                                RANK: 1st degree black belt                                                              ACADEMY: Essence bjj (WA)

I got started in bjj by accident looking to stay fit during football pre season! I rolled with a purple belt at the time and got destroyed I never looked back.

I’ve played sports all my life mostly competitive football but I also dabbled quite a bit in powerlifting when I was a blue/purple belt.

Bulletproof for bjj has helped me in so many ways! It’s given me structure and guidance to my lifting which has helped keep me on the mat at my highest potential! I feel my mobility has increased a lot which has kept me injury free!

Super Snack for the Bounce Back!

Carbohydrates immediately post training in BJJ is one of the most important things you can do to speed up recovery. What we are recommending may be slightly less conventional that what you usually hear but it will get you on the path to improved sleep that night and better rolling the following day.

CEREAL! That's right we didn't stutter; eating cereal with milk directly post training will help stabilise blood sugar levels and help preserve muscle proteins by giving your body fuel to break down instead of your tissues resulting in muscle sparing. The insulin response to the carbohydrates puts your body into a rebuilding phase known as Anabolism. (Think anabolic steroids)

So whether you are a big kid at heart or just love your old school "breakfast for dinner" switch up. Make sure pack your Tupperware with your chosen cereal and take a bottle of your milk of choice (Non-dairy works just as well). Before you leave the gym put your body into recovery mode with a throw back classic breakfast for some anabolic nostalgia.`