The Weekly Fix: Strong Hips for great Jits

Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter from the Bulletproof For BJJ brothers to give you the insights you need to have a better BJJ life. This week we look at changing your game by improving your hip strength. We also have a gang of things that can help you have a better Easter weekend!

  1.  Strong Hips for Great Jits: The BJJ game changer.

  2. Technique of the week:  The World's Greatest warm up. ( Click the image.)

  3. Community Spotlight: The Dark Prince

  4. Training Top Tip: Best Supplement to get you strong!

Strong Hips for great Jits

In order to move well on top while passing guard or underneath playing guard one of the key things that determines the strength of each position is your hips.
The major movement requirements for great passing are great internal rotation of the hip and hip extension for Knee cutting, hip smashing and windshield wiping guards into oblivion.
The key movement requirements for an Un-passable guard are exceptional external rotation and strong hip flexion for leg pummelling, back taking and triangling unsuspecting passedores.
The way we train for BJJ commonly has us overloading our hip-flexors and adductors in a chronically flexed and rounded position whether we are in guard or on top trying to stay tight. We have to spend some time off the mat strengthening other muscles and movements in order to stay healthy and uninjured but also improve your ability to perform on the mat!
These movements are all about opening range at the front of the hip.
  • Cossacks
  • Cook Hip Lifts
  • Single Leg Deadlift
These movements are bringing you forward, closing range at the front of the hip.
  • Tuck Ups
  • Toes To Bar
  • Toes To bar Holds
All of these movements feature in our online program. If you are not a subscriber you can find video references for all these movements on YouTube.
If you are suffering from tight Hip Flexors and Glutes this often a sign of weakness in those areas and can be a warning light that you are running low on Core and Hip strength.
By strengthening your anterior core and putting an appropriate amount of work into them, balanced with the right amount of Extension work will result in strong hips that don’t ache.
Next week we will dive deeper into specific mobility to improve your range of motion for both Internal and External rotation at the hip to assist your BJJ.



ACADEMY: Gracie Humaita Sydney
RANK: Purple
I found BJJ because a few of my close friends started training when we were 18. I had always had other sports occupying my time so I didn’t get involved but did go to a few tournaments to watch them compete. When I got to the point that I needed a change from the other sports I was doing, BJJ seemed like the natural next step.
I played Competitive tennis, cycling, strength training, CrossFit. Just an all round specimen of an athlete.
Luckily nothing major. I’ve had a fairly injury free run with only a few expected niggles here and there.
Doing Bulletproof For BJJ has given me much more confidence with certain movements and a much greater awareness of my anatomy around areas of strength and weakness. Also the ability to be competitive with opponents who are 10kg+ heavier than me through the improvements in strength and mobility I’ve experience. However, the biggest benefit has been Joey’s ability to turn me into the Instagram star/meme that I’ve always wanted to be. Success arises in the strangest places.


There are many expensive pills and powders that claim to help you get stronger. Most of them have a very limited amount of evidence to back them up but there is a simple one that is cheap, natural and effective.
The easiest way to improve your Vitamin D levels is to get at least 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight a day and our skin cells will naturally produce it. Unfortunately for most of us our modern life doesn't allow us to do so. Not to worry Vitamin D is a cheap and easy to access supplement you can find in your local health food store.
This powerful substance helps us to absorb Calcium the key ingredient to make muscle contractions and bone repair. If you want to have strong muscles and bones Calcium is your best friend and Vitamin D is your best friends BJJ coach.
If you haven't got time to practice your solo drills on the beach in the sun grab some Vitamin D and have it with dinner. Give it a couple weeks and you will start to feel stronger when you lift and roll.
Happy Easter Bulletproofers!