The Weekly Fix: Save your Energy, say NO!

Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter dedicated to giving you the best bits of info to improve your BJJ Life. This week we take a closer look at how you can Improve your energy for BJJ Part 2: Learn to say NO How you spend your energy determines the quality of your life and your Jiu-jitsu. Plus a whole bag of goodness to carry you into the weekend.

  1. How to improve your energy for BJJ: Learn to say NO!
  2. Technique of the week: Best way to reduce Elbow Pain after hard rolls.
  3. Community Spotlight: An unexpected Transformation story!
  4. Training Top Tip: Better sleep in 5 minutes

How to Improve your energy for BJJ Part 2: Learn to say NO!

If you are finding yourself exhausted at the end of the week it may not just be a lack of sleep. Even though the Golden rule of 8 hours is nice we all rarely attain it. But humans are resilient and adaptable and sleep isn't the only factor in fatigue.                                          What you agree to to spend your energy on, when you say YES to any action often cost you more than you realise leaving you short when you actually need it. Learning to say NO is key to saving energy.

1.Identify Energy leaks?

Are you spending multiple hours a day driving? Do you spend the majority of your day at a desk? Are you spending late nights scrolling through social media? Is your eating and drinking helping build your energy or block it? 

Often to move forward the best thing you can do is take off the hand break. Identifying things that are holding you back and then saying NO to them is absolutely key in the process of beating exhaustion and boosting your vitality.

 Once you have identified your biggest energy leaks you need to look for ways to minimise it or change it completely. When you say NO to spending energy on actions that gives you no return, you then have the option to say YES to something more rewarding eg. BJJ. That  doesn’t mean you go on a spending spree throwing YES in all other directions. Prioritising where your energy goes is key.

2.Reduce spending

It’s time to be a tight arse. That’s right you need to be picky with where you spend your energy. Don’t say YES to any old cause, Karen’s bake sale is her business and will not help your Jiu-jitsu 1 bit. Of course using your energy to help others is rewarding and enriching in it’s own right but if you are going " Energy" broke you can’t be giving people loans with the little you have. If you want to help others you need to be sustainable, so you can keep showing up, feeling great in whatever you do... especially BJJ!

Every time you say YES to someone else's priorities you are saying NO to your own. Your Family, your study, your job, your creative pursuits and your Jiu-jitsu are all important but could you be more efficient? Have more YES in the bank for the things you love.

3.Tiny but Mighty 

Doing the following 3 easy things will have a massive impact on saving your energy.                                                                                          + Do Not Be there.  The best way to say No is not to put yourself in harms way. We all have that 1 friend or family member who will consistently rope you into something, that always takes way longer than expected and drains you of your energy. This person seems to have endless energy and is happy to waste it. That's not you, you have prioritised your energy and where you put it. Even though this person may have good intentions their effect is detrimental, Do Not Be there.                                                                                                    + Leave The Party Early.   At any social engagement, BBQ, family get together and even at Jiu-jitsu training the peer group pressure and social pull to stay beyond a certain time serves no-one. This is quiet dishonesty, in truth we are all tired and would not mind just being in our pyjamas, chilling at home. Now for those that want to party that's cool- their actions are like someone burning money. Leaving early no matter the time of day gives you a buffer for bad traffic, flat tires, that thing you forgot to do and gives you some YES in the bank for Preparation.                                                                                                                                                                                      + Less But Better.  Did you do your best? When you look back at your life: family, career, your competitions, friendships. What was the quality of the interactions you had? Doing fewer things with a higher degree of quality is the only way to improve the quality of your life but also how you see yourself. Schedule less to get more out of those chosen few things, the reward will not only  mean a happier life but a huge return in energy coming back to you.


WRIST PREPARATION: 3 simple moves to help reduce elbow pain and free up those tight wrists.

STARTED BJJ:  Late 2013
RANK:  White Belt 4 Stripes
ACADEMY:  ALEX RUSSELL BJJ (it's a small but mighty talented little club.)
 My training started in my Garage with my son a purple belt at the time, I was so unco, over weight and 49 years old.
July 2014 I was confident enough to move to a real club my son suggested I start at a gym with females he suggested Immersion MMA Glen Waverly under Mini & Tingy who gave me my 1st and 2nd stripe.
July 2015 I moved to Absolute South Yarra under Lachlan Giles as it was closer to work, Lachie gave me my 3rd stripe.
Dec 2017 I moved to my current club Alex Russell BJJ who received his Black Belt under  Lachlan Giles @ AbsoluteMMA St Kilda.
I received my 4th stripe from Alex and am now working on getting the Blue belt.
 Bullet Proof for BJJ has been my saviour, being older than most I really struggled with mobility and recovery.
Since starting bullet proof I have been able to recover from a shoulder injury, and a head injury and improve my jits and the strength I need to roll.
 I get so much out of the program, I have managed to increase my mat time from twice and week to 4 times a week, my sparing times have increased, my training partners have commented that my strength along with my movement on the mats has improved immensely.
I find I am now in more control of my body during a roll allowing me to expand my game, lastly my recovery time is very fast and I managed to lose 14kg since starting Bullet Proof for BJJ.

Better Sleep in 5 Minutes!

Ever finished training BJJ at night and felt Tired and Wired? Get home and even after dinner and some down time still can't relax or get to sleep? Your Central Nervous System is still racing! Throwing the hand brake on when you are traveling 100kms per hour  is no way to come to a smooth stop.

  • There is only 1 definite way to regulate your CNS - BREATH.'

5 Minutes is all you need: After class, soaked in sweat, Gi on, lie on your back in the quietest corner and place your hands over your belly button. Listen to the hum of voices and the buzz of the round timer. Diaphragmatic Breathing or Belly Breathing as it is also referred to has you expanding and filling your whole torso with oxygen- causing your resting hands to lift as you INHALE through your nose. Naturally when you feel 'full'  then slowly EXHALE through your mouth as you belly button returns to its resting position. repeat this until the round timer sounds again.

This small investment of energy will help you sleep and recover, ultimately making you more Bulletproof for BJJ.