The Weekly Fix: Movement efficiency beats fitness for BJJ

Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter from the Bulletproof For BJJ brothers to give you the insights you need to have a better BJJ life. This week we help you do more with less by improving your movement efficiency. Plus some insider tips to help you workout better.

  1.  Movement Efficiency Beats Fitness for BJJ: Achieve more with less effort.

  2. Technique of the week:  How to Juggle Rehab and Working out. ( Click the image.)

  3. Community Spotlight: The Quiet Achiever

  4. Training Top Tip: Best Natural Pre-Workout!

Efficiency Beats Fitness for Better BJJ

It’s comp class and you are about to have a string of hard rolls!

Each one gets harder as you get more and more fatigued. Your technique gets sloppier and by the last round you are only just hanging on. The round timer sounds and you collapse on the mat completely gassed! A single thought passes through your mind-

“ I really need to work on my fitness…”

Not necessarily. We firmly believe you should be pushing your specific fitness with rolling rounds at your academy and if you are rolling enough your endurance will be good. That said if your are leaking energy all over the place as a result of a stiff inefficient frame then adding gas tank is not going to fix the leaks! Essentially you are driving with the hand break on. Gas tank is not the problem.

Once we remove your impediment to movement (Tightness) and add a turbo charger (Strength) every move will become easier. Here’s how it works:


Getting strong isn’t just about muscle size. It’s about recruiting as much of the muscle you already have and getting different muscles to work together better. The best way to improve neural efficiency is through heavier load strength training. By improving your ability to recruit muscle fibres the body gets use to this kind of stress which means your body will be able to lift the same weight using less of the muscle. Therefore you will be able to the same amount of work but with less energy out put!


There are many things that can block your ability to move well, stiff connective tissues, tight muscles and pain. (potentially from injury and/or weakness) We need to remove these road block in order for you to move forward. Preparing your tight tissues with self massage using a Lacrosse ball, spikey roller or even a PVC pipe is helpful. This has a double benefit. 1) Increasing blood flow to areas of the body that are not be getting enough attention. 2)Decreasing the tension in over active muscles which are restricting your ability to express a healthy Range Of Motion.


Your nervous system needs to be firing, in order for your body to move well in demanding situations, eg. Grappling. Getting the right muscles working before you throw your self into the chaos of BJJ class is necessary. Here are the 3 key areas and the moves to get them going!

  •  Glutes.      (Fire Hydrants, Single leg Bridge.)

  • Scapulars  (Scapular Push ups, Scapular Rows.)

  • Core          (Bird Dog, Prone Shoulder Taps)

Your Glutes should be the biggest strongest muscles in your body. So you can have great balance and hip drive getting them fired up pre class is essential. In order to keep your shoulders safe we need to make sure that your Scapulars (Shoulder blades) are moving well, this ensures your arms stay connected to your torso. Last but not least is your Core. This dynamic arrangement allows you to move your spine safely from guard and also resist moving when needed- stopping you from getting swept. So as part of engaging this complex of muscles we need to practice moving with control as well as resist external torque at an easier level before we go full porrada.


If your grip is weak and you don’t feel energetic when you are doing BJJ it may not be a lack of athletic ability. One of the first signs of a depleted nervous system is a reduction in grip strength and reduced maximal power out put. If this is you ask yourself –

“Did I get enough sleep?”

Big performance requires big recovery. In order for you to be strong and keep moving well your CNS needs to be at full battery. Deep restorative sleep is what you need.

Amino acids are Key to Nervous system recovery if you haven’t had enough protein then you will not be able to rebuild the cabling that supplies the messages that make your muscles move.

Hydration is required for you to have great communication between all your cells, these guys need some lubrication. Your brain cells can be plump juicy grapes or rattily, dry sultanas. If you want your movement to be fluid you are going to need some liquid.

We are saying that you struggling to move freely, is more to do with rigidity and poor bio-mechanics than a lack of specific endurance. By improving your range of motion and relative strength in various positions you will then be able to roll harder and longer on the same amount of fuel, who doesn’t want that?

Movement Efficiency > Fitness for BJJ



ACADEMY: Wickhams Martial Arts Centre (Vic)
RANK: White belt 2 stripes
Martial arts is something i have been around since i was a toddler. Whether it was judo, karate or BJJ, my Dad has always done martial arts, but it was never something i was interested in.
Until my daughter (6 at the time) wanted to do something a bit different. Watching her passion grow in BJJ really made me want to jump in and give it a try, since that day i have been addicted.
 Before BJJ i haven’t played any sports since having kids. But now i train BJJ and Muay Thai.  My injuries haven't been too serious thankfully, at end of 2019 i had a broken tail bone and currently have a high ankle sprain.
 Bullet proof really helped me keep my head in the game during lock down. It gave me something to focus on and improve. I always thought i had good mobility, flexibility and balance before starting this program but thinking back to where i started to where i am now i have noticed a massive improvement in my movement and my recovery.
I love how easy the program is to follow and how accessible it is. I like how videos on the website, fb or insta are uploaded regularly and show every part of each technique so i can see where and what i need to tweak and improve.


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