The Weekly Fix: Increase your Enjoyment of BJJ

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The Newsletter from the Bulletproof For BJJ boys JT & Joey to give you the insights you need to have a better BJJ life. We all love doing BJJ but there is something we all do which might be ruining our enjoyment of the art, find out what?. An amazing Blackbelt from Alpha Jiu-jitsu Academy and the moves you need to fix your tight shoulders.

  1. Increasing your enjoyment of BJJ:Stop doing this one thing!
  2. Have you seen this?!: Bounce back with the new podcast.
  3. Community Spotlight: The Best from the west.
  4. Training Top Tip: Fix your tight shoulders today.


For every day that is great on the mats, training BJJ can cause some soul destroying, self doubt. The truth is your success or failure in any roll is not entirely down to you and how you show up. The immeasurable variables are your training partners and gym culture.

This huge external factor, which you can’t control, has a huge impact on how your training session is going to go. Bearing this in mind your success in any given situation is a mixture of luck as well as preparation.

There are no guarantees in BJJ even if you are both Prepared and Lucky.

Your Expectation is ruining your BJJ experience.

Coming to class expecting anything other than full on physical and mental challenge is setting us up for disappointment. If we can accept that so much of what happens in life and BJJ is outside of our control, then our enjoyment of the experience will increase.

We all come to class in the hope of getting better at this thing we love and if we are lucky we also get to hang out with our friends.

Being physically prepared will definitely help our chances, but it is the mental preparedness to do this difficult thing and suck at it, with no other expectation. (Except sucking a little less each lesson maybe.)

There is a lot of discussion within jiu-jitsu about leaving your ego at the door but very little discussion about patience and acceptance.

 We signed up to choke people, not seek enlightenment right?

If a Gym tried to sign students up and explained to them how long it would take to actually get good at BJJ they wouldn’t have very many students at all. The path to improvement is long and the 2 key qualities to keep us coming back staying on the path are patience and acceptance.

If you are showing up to class and are no longer having fun with it perhaps you are placing too many expectations on BJJ as a solution to other problems.

At times rolling can feel like a wonder drug that wipes away all our stress and worry. At the same time BJJ is the imminent car crash, that cripples us and multiplies life’s pressures. We all know this but still choose to show up.

Leave expectation behind when you walk in the door of your gym, be patient with yourself in this life long process of improvement, and accept that you can’t fully control the outcome.

Expect less = Enjoy more.



Academy: Alpha Jiu-jitsu Academy

Started BJJ: 2002

Rank: Black belt

I started BJJ as a 10 year old in 2002 and received my black belt in the year of 2019 from my Brother Chris  alongside Master Jean Jacques Machado.

My brother introduced me to BJJ after he started training, following his discovery of the UFC and the success of Royce Gracie.  He started teaching me and my cousin in our garage which eventually grew into the academies that we run today (Alpha Jiu Jitsu Academy)

I had no prior experience in martial arts before starting BJJ. Jiu Jitsu was my introduction to martial arts.

Through my competitive career I have acquired a number of injuries. I have torn the ligaments on both my ankles, I don’t feel foot locks anymore, I’ve had tears on my MCL and LCL knee ligaments, bulging disks in between c4 c5 and c6, rotator cuff issues and a few more minor injuries that persist on a regular basis.

Bulletproof for BJJ has helped me realise the importance of a structured program specific to my needs that will not only  keep my body strong and aligned but will also help me reach my fullest potential in the sport.

Bulletproof for BJJ is tailored for BJJ athletes and I highly recommend James and his team if you want to keep your body strong and healthy. I am now training on a regular basis (3x a day) thanks to their guidance, now I look forward to the next stage of my recovery which will see my return into the competitive scene.