The Weekly Fix: Flexible Hips for Better BJJ

Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter from the Bulletproof For BJJ brothers to give you the insights you need to have a better BJJ life. This week getting into the exact moves to increase Hip Flexibility and ultimately improve your BJJ. Accompanied with some good side dishes of Jiu-jitsu relevant tips to make life easier.

  1.  Flexible Hips for Better BJJ:  6 moves to lower body freedom.

  2. Video of the week:   Don't get mad get better. ( Click the image.)

  3. Community Spotlight:  The Quiet hard worker.

  4. Training Top Tip:  Boost your immune system!

Flexible Hips for Better BJJ

In order for you succeed in this game of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu hip flexibility is key!
The basics we need to move in our day to day lives generally require
Hip Flexion: Our ability to forward fold and touch our toes.
Hip Extension: Moving our ribs away from thighs and standing up straight
In last weeks newsletter we covered the 3 key moves to strengthen both of these actions in order to improve both your top and bottom games. This week is focused on what you really need to do loosen up if life is jamming you.
For you to successfully complete a knee cut pass and maintain control of your opponent like you were Lucas Lepri you are going to need great hip Internal rotation.
In order for you to have an amazing guard and take peoples backs like Levi Leary Jones you are going to need exception hip External rotation.
Here are the 3 key mobility moves you need to improve both:
Internal Rotation:
  • Seated Hip Rotations
  • Knee Cut Squats
  • 90/90 Rotations (Turning Away)
External Rotation:
  • Lazy Pigeon
  • Active Pigeon
  • 90/90 Forward Folds
By including these specific movements into your warm up routine before Jiu-jitsu class you will move with greater ease and you may find your ability to execute your techniques really improves.
By improving your Hip strength you enhance your ability to resist external forces on your frame. When you combine this with greater freedom of movement and improved ability to move your own body you will find BJJ gets easier.
This is a daily process! In order for you to really improve how your body feels and moves just dedicate 10 minutes a day to consciously moving your body.
This will help balance out the wear and tear of office work as well as tightness from hard rolls.
Thank us later.





Academy: Higher Jiu Jitsu
Belt: White belt (2 stripes)
Started BJJ; Early 2020
I was going through a tough time at the end of 2019 and made it my new year’s goal to do something new. I’d always been curious about BJJ, so I figured I’d bite the bullet and give it a go. Unfortunately, I’d made it to a few classes before we went into lockdown and spent the next few months learning through zoom. Imagine trying to contextualise an arm bar from mount on an imaginary uke, having only had a few classes under a very fresh white belt. Needless to say it was an unconventional beginning to something I can’t get enough of today.
I’d never done a martial art before, but have been consistently strength training at a gym for 8 years. I’m a fan of lifting heavy things and over the last few years trained mostly with kettlebells from home. I also dabbled in GMB type bodyweight movements throughout lockdown and developed an interest in moving with mindfulness, which has gone hand in hand with my jits practice.
I’ve had a few injuries in the past from playing sport and doing silly things like running/jogging (never again). Just before lockdown, I cranked my neck in my second class on the mats from doing a bad backwards roll and it did not set me up well for the start of my BJJ journey. Some months later and back on the mats, I cranked my neck again under someone trying to escape my closed guard. The constant neck injuries put a real dent in my BJJ experience and I always found it hard to regain the confidence to train safely and without much to worry about again.
Bulletproof has helped to give me structure to my workouts (which was super helpful in lockdown), and more importantly, the confidence to get on the mats everyday. Instead of worrying about being smashed by a large dude or worrying about whether I can keep someone in side control or closed guard, I find I can focus on my technique more than having to struggle under physical pressure. I feel that I have better capacity to go further with my jits and it has made my journey 10x more enjoyable than I could ever have imagined. Joey and JT honestly have the best ethos to strength and mobility training, and it’s just the kind of approach that any white belch like me should follow in their BJJ journey.


There is one simple thing you can do to boost your immune system and it's not cold showers, vitamins or intermittent fasting. Actually quite the opposite. This is something that we neglect daily and it's putting our immune system in a choke hold.
That's right ladies and gentleman skipping breakfast reduces your immune function up to 40%. For those of you out there who do morning BJJ and are already struggling to get out of bed on time for class saying you don't feel like eating early you are also reducing your ability to train. Research has shown that not eating before training reduces training intensity.
Even if it is something as small and simple as a slice of Peanut butter toast, a banana or a small amount of yogurt. This small action sets your nervous system up for the day to be less stressed and also gives your liver permission to pump out that sweet blood glycogen (digested sugar) you need to roll well and actually remember the techniques you are practicing.
Take the time to get up 10 minutes earlier and put something in your face this will go a long way to keeping you healthier on and off the mats, your body will thank you later!