The Weekly Fix: Better Recovery Starts before Training
Welcome to the Weekly Fix! The Newsletter from the Bulletproof For BJJ brothers to give you the help you need to have a better BJJ life. This week is about bouncing back and exactly what you need to do to be ready to roll the next day. Also great serve of insight that will maximise you BJJ gains!
  1.  Better recovery starts before class : Exactly how to start your bounce back
  2. Video of the week :  Cheat to win Tenacity style . ( Click the image.)
  3. Community Spotlight : The Barrel rider rolls on.
  4. Training Top Tip :  Easiest Way to boost muscle growth!

Recovery starts before training.

We all know that terrible feeling after a night of hard rolling when you wake up in the morning and everything hurts. You struggle to get out of bed and wonder what the hell happened?

Jiu-jitsu training is demanding but are you making your life harder by not being prepared? Before you even get to the Academy you are either setting your self up for success or failure.

  • Hydration:

What you drink 60 minutes before class will save you. If you are not drinking 500mls – 1 litre of water before class you will be gassing out after warm up. Also to keep you from running to the toilet non stop put an electrolytes mix in your pre class liquid supply. Whether it be in a powder or dissolvable tablet form- Hydralyte, Powerade powder and LMNT. These are all flavoured formulations of Sodium, potassium and magnesium. Make this part of your routine and you will not fatigue as quickly.

  • Bring a drink bottle:

This simple act will have a huge impact on how well you learn and also perform those skills when you roll. Your brain cells can either be rattly dry sultanas or plump juicy grapes. Water is essential for good nervous system function, so make sure you are packing.

  • Your own Warm up:

Everyone’s body is unique and requires different levels of attention to get it ready to wrestle to the death. You cannot expect your coach to know your every ache, pain and injury. The general BJJ class warm up is just that- general. To ensure your body is ready for the chaos to come you need your own specific routine to loosen up your tight spots, and activate those muscles that have been dormant to reduce your chance of injury while rolling.

  • Stretch and Breath:

Immediately after class you have an amazing opportunity to unwind all the bound up tightness you just created. Taking advantage of how warm and elastic you are doing 3 stretches – lower body, torso and upper body will have you covered. It only takes 5 minutes! Finish this off with 2-3 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing (if you are unsure google it) lying on your back with your eyes closed will take your nervous system down a gear and start moving your metabolic processes towards better recovery.

By doing these 4 simple things you will reduce your over all soreness, boost muscular and neural recovery putting you in a better position to do it all again the next day. Try it out, you can thank us later!




ACADEMY : Alliance Sydney
STARTED BJJ : Aug 2018
BELT : Blue belt

A good friend of mine Damien Healey introduced me to BJJ on a drunken chat one night. He’s been practicing BJJ for many years at Gracie Alexandria, and knew of Alliance Sydney opening up in Rose Bay. He convinced myself and a friend to sign up for a trial and the rest his history.

I have no martial art background and luckily I have been pretty injury free, the worst was a ankle sprain but that was only for only 2 weeks and a tweaked shoulder but that was from surfing

I credit my injury free career at BJJ to pretty much the bulletproof program. I started the program very early on in my BJJ journey and I have been able to gain the strength and flexibility around the joints to prevent any serious injury. The program has definitely helped me build the strength I wanted coupled with the techniques I am learning. Can’t recommend it enough!!!


The best thing you can do to improve your hard earned gains in the gym and on the mat does not come in the form of pills or injections. Surprisingly it has a lot more to do with what you do between finishing training and heading home. Regardless of when you workout the fastest way to rebuilding muscle is not actually protein...


What? Yes ladies and gentlemen ingesting carbohydrates in it's various forms is the first thing you need to do post training to put your body into muscle building mode. Eating carbs causes your body to produce insulin which flips the switch from breaking the body down and puts it into Anabolism- the growth and repair phase of your metabolism. The quicker you get there the sooner you recover. Also supplying the body with adequate energy helps prevent breaking muscle down to make up for the glycogen you are lacking.

So when you finish rolling have a banana, a sandwich, some rice crackers even a Tupperware full of cereal ready and get it in you. This will help stabilise blood sugar levels and put you on the path to Gainsville.

Have a great weekend Bulletproof Fam!