The Weekly Fix: 5 Things to Guarantee Workout Success

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  1. 5 Things To Guarantee Workout Success: The keys to Gainsville
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  3. Community Spotlight: The 10th Planet Lieutenant
  4. The Audio Hook Up: Joey's Comp Experience

5 Things To Guarantee Workout Success

To make sure your effort counts when you are in the gym there are 5 key things you must do or you will be doomed to the endless treadmill of no progress.

1.) Warm Up: Though this seems obvious, how you elevate your body temperature is key how well you lift. The most important part of your warm up is to remove restrictions across all your major joints. This requires a specific mobility routine that will address your specific tight spots, get you sweating and enhance your overall movement. This means you will have less internal resistance so you can apply more effort to actually moving the bar.

2.) Activation: Before you start going to work on your first exercise we need to get your Nervous system wide awake and ready to work. This requires movements with a higher degree of skill. For example before starting a conventional Barbell deadlift doing some light – medium weight single legged Deadlifts using a Kettlebell. This lighter but more technically demanding movement gets more muscles fired up through out your entire body which means when you start on your actual workout you will lift stronger.

3.) Follow a program: Doing random workouts based on how you feel is not going to get you stronger or fitter. If you want to achieve anything you need a plan and you need to stick to it. Each workout within a program is designed to build to the next one. In order to progressively stress your body so you can continually improve. This principal of progressive overload can be achieved by an incremental increase in, reps, sets, weight or exercise difficulty.

4.) Time limit: There are 2 very simple ways you can use a timer to improve your workout efficiency and effectiveness. Set a time limit for a particular exercise or superset of exercises. For example Set a 15 minute time limit for a 2 exercises that have 5 set. Complete a superset every 3 minutes. This will give you enough time to recover but not waste time. The 2nd method is to time your rest breaks, set the timer for 60-90 seconds max. Make sure as soon as you finish your set start the timer and start you next set as soon as it goes off. If you want to work harder set less rest time.

5.) Write it down: We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. The only way you can accurately recall a workout a week after you have completed it is to have it written down. This will give you a truly objective look at the work you did but this will also inform you as to how hard you need to work this session in order to better yourself, more reps, weight or a new more challenging exercise. In this process you can also write how hard something felt give it a score out of X/10. This your RPE- Rated Perceived Exertion. As you adapt to the workout you will notice that you will rate exercises with a lower RPE meaning you have gotten stronger or fitter. This now means it’s time to progress!



Academy: 10th Planet South Melbourne

Started BJJ: 2015

Rank: Brown Belt

I started my BJJ journey in February 2015. prior to this I had been lifting weights in the gym. Not properly you might add. Young and dumb, throwing weights around causing myself injuries. Attached to the Anytime Fitness I had joined was a chain of local level MMA gyms in Brisbane called FightCross.
With our membership we were allowed one class a week in the MMA school. I'd gotten pretty fat trying to be a power lifter and wanted to shed some of those extra kilos. I remember doing kickboxing with my brother as a teen and how brutal the training sessions were, so I went to do kickboxing. After that class the coach (Coach Chris Foster ) asked if I wanted to come back to try Jiu Jitsu the next day.
  I thought he was speaking a different language honestly. He very nicely explained that it was a grappling based martial art and it revolved around submissions and controlling your opponent on the ground. Sign me the fuck up ! I can totally do all that shit........
 A guy who was almost exactly half my size dominated me. Submitted me 5 times in the round. I was totally hooked!
 That branch shortly afterward shut down but I had the pleasure of meeting some excellent people who I still know to the day and got to be apart of something truely special at The Grappling Club prior to its official affiliation with 10th planet becoming 10th planet Brisbane.
I left Brisbane for Melbourne in mid 2016 beginning to train with my now coach, boss and close friend Josh Pecastaing. That's when the Mysterious kettlebell god JT turning up at 10th planet Anglesea camp. After meeting JT there I started to take my recovery much more seriously.Getting into yoga and purchasing a couple of kettlebells, admittedly I have definitely not been perfect. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
I am strongly optimistic about the next part of the journey with  bulletproof for BJJ . Years of trying to play small guy game in a big guy body have me battered a bruised. I know for certain i want to train for the rest of my life and look forward to being a member and getting as strong and as mobile as possible