The Number 1. Nutrient for BJJ

BJJ Presents 2 Major Challenges:

  1. Learning complex new movements and concepts.
  2. Physically executing these new skills against dynamic resistance (another human being.)

Brain and Body both require large amounts of energy to learn new skills as well as fuel the body to move hard and fast against resistance for repeated bursts of effort.

The energy we need to make this happen comes from Carbohydrates!

Learning: Is fuelled by blood glucose, which are carbohydrates broken down into their simplest form in the body. Despite the popularity of low-carb, Keto-genic and Carnivore diets as approaches to fat loss and ways to change body composition this is a poor option for the BJJ community.

The brain can't really use Fat or lipids as a reliable fuel source as they struggle to cross the blood brain barrier. This is coupled with the lack of Oxidation enzymes in the brain that could convert it to energy. The best fuel for great thinking and learning is Carbohydrates.

Exercise: Different intensities of activity are fuelled by different energy systems. BJJ requires mainly a combo of Anaerobic Lactic which favours Blood Glucose for fuel. BJJ also uses the Anaerobic Alactic system which uses ATP for fuel (this is Blood Glucose in its smallest form, stored in the muscle.)

These 2 energy systems are used for medium – High Intensity bouts of activity = Rolling.

If you are lacking in stored energy you won’t be able to maintain this kind of high energy out put and you will “Gas” or give up. This will generally result in getting submitted or tapping out to general exhaustion. The saying goes “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

You can’t be strong and precise with your techniques and coordination if you have barely any energy to move.

It’s key to know that copying nutrition practices from other physical disciplines like: bodybuilding, powerlifting and CrossFit don’t necessarily translate into a good nutrition solution for your Jiu-jitsu.

Just because Joe Rogan swears by the Carnivore Diet doesn’t mean that is the best thing for you to do.

It’s best to know the science behind how and why something (an action, a supplement, a BJJ technique) produces a certain result and then go from there. When it comes to learning and moving on the mats Carbohydrates are your best friend for better BJJ learning and better quality energy for rolling.



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