3 Questions For Better BJJ

Plus, Minus, Next: The 3-Step Tool For BJJ Improvement

The key to getting better at anything is having the ability to learn from our experiences. It doesn't happen just from experience alone.

We increase learning by reflecting on those experiences. And if you don't have a process for doing this you're missing out on a great opportunity to make progress in BJJ (and life itself).

As the year draws to a close it's a great time to consider these 3 key questions -

  • What Worked: What did I do successfully? +++
  • What Didn't work: What can I improve? ---
  • What's Next: The action plan for change! >>>

We can draw this up into a simple table format on a piece of paper. Divide the page into 3 columns and at the top of each column a simple symbol to represent each category.

For every Plus or Minus you should write a subsequent action in the Next column. An example of a Minus- You forgot your drink bottle and got super dehydrated and had crappy rounds as a result! What's Next- Pack Drink bottle in training bag the night before. Even if it's doubling down on a WIN eg. Ate a great lunch and had good energy rolling at open mat. Use that as a positive feed back loop to encourage you to keep doing that is still worthwhile writing down. Just don't overload yourself just keep it to 3-5 things.

This is a really flexible system for thinking about a jiu-jitsu class, a project you did for uni or reflecting on your week and thinking about what you can change to improve the next 7 days. This way of journaling is to think forward, acknowledge some things didn't work but use that now write your action plan to fix it and keep moving forward.

Don't dwell or self criticise. This is about learning from our experience so we have better lives on the mats and everywhere else. Whether you use this to reflect o the year that was, use it as a weekly summary or take it to class and use it to analyse your BJJ this simple approach should allow you to think more clearly about what happened so we can learn and take action to develop and grow.

Give it a try and let us know how you go?

Weekly News!

New content ALERT! We will be filming more content in January for all of our great teams on the Academy Subscription program as well as the Up coming Rehab Coach release.

We will release more details in the next 2 weeks but just to give you the tribe a behind the scenes sneak peak we will be filming Follow Along mobility routines for both Warm Ups & Cool Downs which has been one of the most requested pieces of content.

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It's going to be a big 2022 and we are excited to grow and develop the Program with all of your feed back and help. If you have anything you would like to add or ask just reply to this email and we will go to work on incorporating your suggestions.