The Standards Program has Arrived!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

We appreciate all the support and hard work the whole Bulletproof Tribe has put in this year. We are excited for what comes next in 2022 as we release the Standards Program. Our new hybrid system of both strength and mobility training is set to take your athletic abilities to another level.

It is also in a new "living" program format that progresses as you do, bearing this in mind the new release is a Beta so there may be some bugs and we are looking for your feed back! Give it a try and let us know what you think and how we can improve- we will be improving it piece by piece with your help. Let us know through our FaceBook community page or email us directly

The 12 Bulletproof For BJJ Standards

When I started training BJJ it was always strange to me that there wasn’t a standardised list of physical fitness, strength or flexibility measures you had to demonstrate in order to graduate to your next belt. For every belt in Tae Kwon Do there was always certain minimum standards you had to meet if you wanted to grade, if you failed to complete them you didn’t get graded.

Every academy I have trained at takes a slightly different approach to how it grades it’s students based on their Jiu-Jitsu skills and how well they can demonstrate techniques based on a syllabus. Some Academies don’t focus on syllabuses instead they promote their students based on competition performance, which is an even harder mark to hit as there are so many variables which you can’t control which means you may not progress if you don’t win.

The Genesis of the Bulletproof For BJJ program was to provide the best combination of elements that would help grapplers reduce injuries, correct imbalances created by rolling, while getting BJJ practitioners super strong and flexible in equal measures.

This is quite a challenge! Using our combined 30 years experience in coaching strength and flexibility we put out our best effort to cover all bases.

The results have been far beyond our best expectations. Over the last 3 years we have received feed back and heard all the various challenges facing our Bulletproof Tribe. So our programming has evolved and developed and now after much experimentation and hard work we have settled on 12 movements that we believe everyone on the BJJ path should master.

The Standards Program

Is a belt system for BJJ specific strength and mobility development. This program starts everyone as a white belt and as you improve you rise through the ranks. Some movements you will master quicker than others. The key point is this you can only grade to a Bulletproof Standard if you can successfully demonstrate all sets and reps for all 12 standards at that belt level.

The Bar has been set high so we need to raise our standards to meet it.

Next week I will go more in depth on how the program works and why you need to take the test to see where you stand.




Your Guide to the recent release of the Standards Program is here! This gives you an opportunity to test yourself and see where your strength and Mobility is really at?

We will be releasing more information every week as to how you can master each movement and the accessory exercises that can help get you to the next level if you are struggling.

Remember in order to hold a Purple Belt ranking you must be able to complete all 12 Standards at Purple Belt: sets, reps, % of Body Weight and Time under tension.

We look forward to hearing how everyone goes with this over the holidays as you set your goals for a great 2022. Post your videos to our Face Book Community page

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