Lifting Weights for BJJ: Timing Matters

Are you lifting weights to try to improve your BJJ game? Are you going for strength, growth or both?

You should know that the time of day that you are lifting relevant to when you are rolling matters! In order to maximise gains the time of day you are lifting can help or hinder you depending on the goal. I will outline for you exactly when you need to do  which lifting session to achieve your goals faster.

7 - 8am Muscle Building: There have been a numerous studies to show that Male testosterone is at its highest levels at 7 - 8am. If you are looking to build muscle and have the time this is the perfect time to be lifting. Not only will you bounce back quicker but you will have more energy for the rest of the day.

12 - 3pm Maximum Strength: Training at lunch time and afternoon is deal for maximum strength. This is the time of day when your natural cortisol levels are highest meaning all of your connective tissues are more elastic, your perception of pain is reduced and you can produce the strongest muscle contractions. If you are trying to lift heavy and get strong then this is your sweet spot.

6 - 8pm Double Impact: Training at night is difficult after a big day but can yield big benefits. If you want the best of both worlds- Strength and Size this is your time. The hormone response to resistance training causes an amazing cascade of hormones to flush through your body, primarily Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. These natural body building chemicals stay active in your system when you go to bed at night helping you get greater gains as sleep is the peak time for your body to heal and regenerate.

The worst time to lift weights is right after BJJ class. For some people who don't know any better this seems like a good idea. As soon as you finish class you need to get off the mats, hit the showers, rest and digest to maximise recovery. Straight after training may test your mental toughness but you will not get stronger or grow more muscle by over taxing an already exhausted nervous system. You need to leave at least 4 - 6 hours between lifting and BJJ if you have to train those sessions on the same day.

Ideally you are lifting weights on alternative days to your BJJ training to get the most out of both efforts to improve. You want to approach both sessions fresh  to make the most of your BJJ session learning and your weight lifting gains.


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