Flexibility for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: The 3 Best Mobility moves to improve your BJJ

Flexibility for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: The 3 Best Mobility moves to improve your BJJ

People who train BJJ regularly become tough, physically and mentally. Showing up despite life’s challenges to master this amazing martial art but…

Just because you train BJJ doesn’t mean you always have to be tight and in pain. Though you might be tough enough to put up with it in the short term over time it will wear you down and may force you off the mats.

Simple as it sounds just doing a few small things regularly will have a massive compounding effect resulting in you feeling better.

BJJ and our modern lifestyle put our posture into a weak position: shoulder’s hunched, hips flexed and spine rounded forward. When we are on the mats we do it actively but when you are in the car, on your phone or at you desk you do this passively. Either way this combo can lead to serious, long term injury and chronic discomfort.

The 2 step solution to this problem!

  • Restore our bodies to a healthy posture, unwinding all the tightness through daily stretching and mobility.
  • Support this new found balance with Strength training to reinforce and protect against future injuries.

In this post we are focused on Step 1. Which is the simplest but for most Jiu-jitsu folk the most challenging. This is because it requires forming a new habit, which takes a little more time.

10 minutes before class & 10 minutes after class.

Show up a little earlier and finish a little sooner, that’s all we ask. In that time these are the 3 movements you really need to practice

  • Kneeling wall Mobility Drill
  • The Scorpion Drill
  • Active Pigeon Drill

Complete 10 repetitions on each side, holding the 10th rep for 10 seconds. Then repeat. You will notice a difference in how much better the second set feels compared to the first. This is where the movement gains are so don’t sell your self short- Complete 2 sets.

These 3 movements address Shoulder, hip and lower back tightness with the Minimum Effective Dose- M.E.D.

If you feel the need to do more that’s great go for it but if you only do this before and after training BJJ you will feel better immediately and long term that BJJ soreness that plagues most of us will bother you no more.




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