Eliminate Soreness From Your BJJ Test

Eliminate Soreness From your BJJ

Are you sick of being sore all the time? The solution to your on going pains is far simpler than you might imagine. Now assuming your diet is balanced and you are getting adequate Nutrition (which is easiest thing for you to control) primarily adequate protein which is going to repair your muscles, there are 4 key things you can do to Eliminate muscle soreness from your BJJ life.


  1. Hot Bath or Swim

One of the most over looked tools in your recovery kit is submerging yourself in water to above shoulder height. If you have a bath fill it (hot) preferably or if you have access to a pool or a close to the ocean, getting shoulder deep will help you bounce back. How?

Being immersed in water increases hydrostatic pressure, exerted on the body surface, which causes a blood shift from peripheral blood vessels to the central circulation. This speeds the rate of circulation, increasing oxygenation of the blood helping accelerate muscle repair.

 2. Whole Body Stretch

The combination of relaxing tight tissues and breathing which makes for a successful stretch session all adds up to more circulation of nutrient rich blood to carry away waste products and speed recovery. Though stretching isn’t the most popular of physical activities it is the one thing we know we all need to do more of. Not only will it help reduce injuries, it will help reduce residual parasympathetic system tone. This helps major bodily organs to go from fight or flight response to rest and recovery. This lowers heart rate and improves digestion.

3. Magnesium Chelate

One of the best supplements that is simple and effective. It’s a simple mineral that helps draw calcium into the muscle cells to help set the body up for healthy & strong muscle contractions. It also has a great benefit of helping to balance out acidity levels in the blood stream which helps alleviate soreness.

4. Sleep 8 hours

If you aren’t sleeping then you are asking for soreness. Now for some new parents sleep will be broken and sporadic but naps are key for those who can’t get a solid block of sleep. But if you are wrecking your own sleep on your phone or watching TV you can fix it.

You need to warm down your brain from a busy day, stop the technology at least 60 minutes before sleep time. Follow the same routine every time to let your body know you are unwinding and finish with a book. Reading reflected light from a page reduces stress level in the brain, where as projected light causes stress that will keep you awake.

Sleep regulates our Hormones and ensures we retain proper brain and nervous system function. If you don’t give proper respect to this most essential step then cop the muscle soreness without complaint.


If you love BJJ but hate the residual aches and pains it bring then you need to do each of these at least twice a week. If you could do all 4 of these on a daily basis then you will truly escape the whole body pain trap.

Start with 2 X Per week and see how different you feel in only 4 weeks. I guarantee your soreness will reduce drastically! Once these 2 sessions are part of your weekly routine then look to add these practices in more often to feel that much better, enjoy the lack of soreness!

Alysha Pinkerd

Academy: RMNU HQ
Belt Rank: Green belt
Started Bjj: 2019
Rachel actually introduced me to BJJ 2 years ago
I did karate as a kid then did a variety of sports including track and field, soccer, lacrosse, flag football and softball. I’ve always loved sports and thought it would be a fun different thing to try then was pretty immediately addicted
Recently rehabbing a knee sprain from BJJ - kept trying to go back too early so it was lingering. Took some time off and started the bulletproof strength program during that time. Now getting back to the mats stronger than when I left.
I can comfortably touch my toes for the first time in my life and my guard is certainly improving thanks to regular mobility