Don’t Roll Thirsty: Hydration will save your bjj

Dehydration Is Killing Your Energy!

Being dehydrated and doing BJJ is like trying swim in thick mud! Jiu-jitsu is hard enough as it is without you making it harder for yourself. Here’s what you need to know about electrolytes and the No.1 step you can take to keep things flowing along easily.

When you roll and sweat you use and lose electrolytes so it is essential before, during and after training you have a reliable way of restoring them.

  • Sodium & Potassium

Both sodium and potassium make nerves function. Nerves tell muscle cells to contract. When muscles are at rest, sodium is at higher concentrations outside of muscle cells than inside and potassium is higher inside than out. When a nerve signals a muscle fiber to contract, sodium rapidly flows into the cell, and at the same time potassium trickles out of the cell. These steps reverse when a muscle relaxes sodium moves out of the cell, and potassium back in. Basically without enough Sodium and Potassium you wouldn’t be able to move your muscles.

  • Calcium for Contraction

In a relaxed state, calcium is at highest concentrations in the wall of the muscle cell. When the cell is excited by a nerve firing, the inflow of sodium into the muscle fiber then causes a release of calcium from the wall of the cell. The calcium works with special proteins within the cell to activate a process called the “Sliding Filament Theory” which causes a muscle to contract. When calcium moves back into the cell wall, the fiber lengthens again relaxing.

No Calcium no muscle contraction!

  • Magnesium for Relaxation

Magnesium works against calcium. When muscles are at rest, magnesium sticks to the motor proteins in the cell and help with the relaxed state. When the muscle fiber contracts with the release of calcium from the cell wall, the calcium is drawn to the motor proteins more than the magnesium which then displaces it.

No Magnesium = Muscle cramps.

Drinking water by itself isn’t enough, that's why you need to put these key ingredients in your drink bottle to sip before, during and after training.

  • Where’s Your Drink Bottle?

Having a large drink bottle 1-2 Litres that you always take to training is essential. Adding a hydration/ electrolyte supplement to your water ( Hydralite or a sports drink powder) before training will ensure you keep that water you are drinking in your bloodstream while also supplying your muscles with the necessary elements to work well when you are pushing hard on the mats.

We recommend 1 litre before training, 1 litre during class and as much as you need once your training is done. (Individual needs may vary depending on how much you sweat and how hard the session.)


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