Mobility for BJJ
Mobility is King for Modern BJJ

As BJJ technique and competitive strategy have evolved, so too have the physical demands. Modern Gi Jiu-jitsu, which has a heavy emphasis on inversions, Berimbolos and Reverse Dela Riva guard. This places huge demand on hip, lower back and hamstring flexibility. There is also it’s direct counter part in the form of dynamic Top game Knee cut, leg drag and floating passing requiring much more lower body mobility to execute.

Simultaneously the rise in popularity of No-Gi Jiu-jitsu and Submission only competition with a direct focus on leg locks has brought a much higher risk of lower body injury and a need to have very mobile lower limbs to be able to pummel and attack leg entanglements as well as twist, spin and counter leg attacks.

The days of being a big, stiff fridge of a human is not good enough as we saw in the Absolute Division at ADCC 2019 with Lachlan Giles a 77kg competitor beating 3 different 100kg+ world champion opponents. The much smaller player with great guard retention, mobility and strategy beat the bigger, stronger players.

The approach of pressuring forward and just smashing your opponent to pass their guard is not as effective for modern BJJ whether that be in the Gi or No-Gi.

So what can you do to make your body battle ready for the Modern game?

Can you touch your Toes? Can you sit in a deep squat ?  

If you said no to either of these then don’t bolo just yet …


Mobility is your ability to actively move your joints through a range of motion under load. We have run the filter through our long list and have identified the 3 best moves that you can do on the daily to open up your hips & lower limbs. Mobility is a skill that needs to be practiced, consistently, in order to be improved and ultimately maintained.

You inevitably will have some over zealous white belt, who just watched Lachlan Giles 50/50 Heel hook instructional cranking on your legs. You need to prepare yourself so even if you don’t know the counters or escapes your muscles and connective tissues are robust enough to with stand the stress long enough for you to tap without incurring an injury.

The other major benefit of having increased mobility is the freedom you will feel in all other movements, playing with your kids, bending over to pick up a box, squatting down in the garden or climbing a fence. Mobility will eliminate stiffness to give you an ease of movement that feels good. This frees up energy for other things making life and BJJ easier.

Here is the video of the Bulletproof lower body Big 3.