Foundation Strength Program Information

Combining Strength & Mobility

The Foundation Program has two parts – Strength and Mobility.  For optimal results, we strongly suggest you complete the two programs simultaneously. You will only move on to the next cycle once you have completed the current cycle.

Training Cycles

Each Strength training cycle is six weeks in duration. This means you will complete the workouts in each cycle for a total of six weeks, before progressing to the next cycle.

Training Phases

The Foundation Program has three distinct training phases:

1. Functional Hypertrophy
2. Strength
3. Strength Endurance

Each cycle is 12 weeks in duration, so you will complete TWO cycles within the ONE phase. Each phase is designed to develop a different aspect of your physical development.By taking this approach you will achieve long-term, sustained growth in your training and avoid the plateau that is found in most standard gym programs.

Book Workouts Into Your Schedule

We suggest you book the strength workouts into your weekly schedule so that it’s there consistently each week. Having your training pre-booked in your calendar is one of the most powerful things you can do, to ensure you stick with the program.

What and How To Deload

A deload is a deliberate reduction in training intensity. Training places stress on the body, and in order for us to maximise our results and remain free of injury, a deload is essential. You will deload for one whole week at the end of each cycle. You can still train Jiu Jitsu and follow your mobility program during this time, however for that week you will not do any heavy strength training. Trust us – you’ll come back stronger when you start your next cycle the following week. It is ok to do some very light, non-maximal strength training during your deload week. So to be clear – follow your strength cycle for 6 weeks. No strength training in week 7. Then start your next cycle.

Don’t Skip Cycles

The cycles and phases in this program have been designed to maximise your physical development over a long period of time. It can be tempting to skip a cycle you might not love and choose one that looks more fun. We strongly suggest you don’t. They’ve been designed very intentionally and if you follow them as they’ve been laid out, you will reap the greatest results.

Exercise Progression

For various exercises we have included different levels of progression (ie. Push up level 1, ring row level 1 etc). We have done this to accommodate varying levels of strength training experience. For individuals newer to strength training, going through these progressions will help you attain high levels of strength and movement ability. For stronger individuals – it can sometimes feel like a waste of time to work on a variation that’s easier than what you’re used to, however we want you to give it a try – over our many years we have found that the ‘stronger’ individuals also have the largest gaps in their development, and these progressions are designed specifically to close those gaps. We want to build a solid foundation of strength throughout the whole body, and stripping the program back to simpler variations is how we do that. If you feel at any point like you are not getting anything out of the variation prescribed in the program, you’re free to move on to a harder variation. If you need any clarification of what that might look like, please ask us in our facebook group.

Trust The Process

After coaching thousands of athletes and experimenting with different program structures, we’ve come to boil it all down to this. The program works, if you let it. We ask you to trust in our ability and follow the program as it’s been laid out.