Get Strong, Mobile,
and Injury Proof for BJJ

What is the Bulletproof For BJJ Program?

Here is how we can help you


Increasing strength will allow you to build greater athletic potential, as well as increased energy-efficiency on the mats, and better resistance to injury


You want to build a body that is not only strong, but also mobile. Improving mobility allows you to get into the extreme positions BJJ demands, and be comfortable and in control.


It’s no secret that our joints are at risk in BJJ. Working through a variety of unique patterns and ranges, your joints will become robust, and conditioned for hard rolling.


Get Bulletproof wherever you are. The program is split to cater for you whether you have access to a gym, or prefer to train at home.


Build your body from the ground up. The BBJJ program starts with the fundamentals and suits whatever kind of BJJ player you are – from the hobbyist, through to the seasoned competitor.


Injuries are not a possibility, but a reality. The less prone to them you are, the more time you can spend training hard and enjoying the art.

The BBJJ program is a complete system for developing beast-like strength, power and supreme mobility, specific to the demands of BJJ. The program is suitable for any level of BJJ athlete – from total beginners, through to seasoned competitors, and will fit into even the busiest of training schedules. You’ll become stronger, experience less niggling pain, and greatly reduce your risk of injury through following the Bulletproof For BJJ Program

We believe that all BJJ practitioners – whether training recreationally or competitively, should know what to do off the mats in order to keep their body in shape for the demands of the art. Having a body that is durable, flexible and athletic will allow you to enjoy BJJ for many, many years.

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Our mission is to build stronger, more mobile, more injury-proof BJJ athletes

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Real Results

Despite being a Judoka and not a BJJ player, the Bulletproof program has made a marked difference to my grappling and my Judo in general.

Adam Abbate

The Bulletproof program is the best gym program for my jiu jitsu that I’ve had yet!

Bridget Mottram

A great program to assist any BJJ athletes training. It was tailored to my needs, and following this program gave me improved strength and flexibility in the areas where I needed it.

Chris Grant

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