A lot of my jiu-jitsu friends have little or no access to gym equipment at their academy, and often the only time they get to work out, outside of the mats, is at home 

Never fear, Bulletproof is here to help give you the answers you need to get stronger and improve your mobility with very little equipment…

Now for all of you who do have gym access this is still worth a look as it can give you some more ideas to broaden your training options.

Here are some basics items you will need:

  • 1-3 kettlebells  (Essential)
  • 1x mini, light & medium resistance bands (Essential)
  • 1x Box/step/chair/ bench which is approximately knee height give or take… (Essential)
  • Pull Up Bar (optional)
  • Gymnastic Rings (optional)

If you have none of the above currently don’t fret there is is still plenty in the program you can work on in the mean time. However if you truly want to improve your strength levels making the small investment in one or two of the above will open up your exercise options BIG TIME

The Humble Kettlebell: Since Pavel Tsatsouline Graced the western world’s exercise consciousness my training has never been the same. The variety of exercises and physical challenges training with one kettlebell presents is incredible. The fastest way to make anyone more athletic is to improve their core and  grip strength – this is exactly what kettlebell lifting does best

Our Home Gym program outlines many different progressions so you can start at your own level and build up the degree of difficulty gradually. I am going to outline three key ways you can progress your Squat, Press and Hinge movements using the same weight kettlebell. Our recommendation is that you have at least three kettlebells a light, medium & heavier option.

‘BUT how do I know what’s a good starting weight for my first Kettlebell?!”

Try before you buy –

Get to your local sporting goods store or gym and start with a light strict press. If they do not stock Kettlebells and/ or you are purchasing over the internet try an Over-head press with a single dumb-bell for 5-8 reps. You shouldn’t be able to do much more than 8 reps otherwise the weight will be too light for your other lifts

Here’s a few exercises you can get cracking on once you have a couple of Kettebells of your own (or just do them in store until someone tells you to leave):


Level 1. Overhead Press

Level 2. Palm Press


Level 1. Goblet Squat

Level 2. Rack Squat


Level 1. KettleBell Deadlift

Level 2. Kettlebell Swing

As with our entire program we progress the difficulty of the movements as you move through it. So in the same way there’s two levels shown above for each type of movement, we have many more levels to progress through in the Bulletproof program

This is really just a toe dip into the deep waters of great training that can be achieved with minimal equipment. We believe that by following or program you can get significantly stronger and move with greater freedom without the need for a big gym membership

Keep an eye out for the second half of this article where we provide more bang-for-buck exercises you can do from home, using rings and bands…

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Yours in beastliness,