Welcome to part 2 of our training at home article. If you have’t read part 1 yet, go and check that out now

So as I’ve mentioned, a lot of my jiu-jitsu friends have little or no access to gym equipment at their academy, and often the only time they get to work out, outside of the mats, is at home 

Never fear, Bulletproof is here to help give you the answers you need to get stronger and improve your mobility with very little equipment…

Now for all of you who do have gym access this is still worth a look as it can give you some more ideas to broaden your training options.

Here are some basics items you’ll need for your home gym:

  • 1-3 kettlebells  (Essential)
  • 1x mini, light & medium resistance bands (Essential)
  • 1x Box/step/chair/ bench which is approximately knee height give or take… (Essential)
  • Pull Up Bar (optional)
  • Gymnastic Rings (optional)

In this instalment of the article, we’re looking at how you can use simple resistance bands and gymnastics rings to become stronger for BJJ, from the comfort of our own casa…

The Beauty Of Bands

This simple and cost effective tool can make you stronger faster. A Resistance Band provides variable load causing you to produce more force the more you stretch the band away from it’s point of attachment. This has the fantastic effect of recruiting more muscle fibres where normally the movement (without band resistance) is most efficient ie, top position for the squat, lock out in the Shoulder press. This means you generally require less total force production because the majority of the lift is complete and fewer neurons are required to complete the action. With band resistance it forces you to work harder at the end of the movement, this results in greater muscle fibre recruitment which will greater strength gains.

Level 1. Face Pull

Level 2. Banded row

Level 3. Kneeling Band Pull Down

Rings To Rule Them All

Even though you may not aspire to be a gymnast the versatility of gymnastic rings will expand your home gym options no end.

You do not need to be capable of an Iron Cross to start doing Ring work, in fact if you can’t do a Pull Up then rings are going to really help you build the strength you need to get there. To improve your bjj game you need to develop your pulling strength and this is the perfect place to start –

Level 1. 45*Degree Row

Level 2. Horizontal Row (legs straight)

Level 3. Feet Elevated Row

As with our entire program we progress the difficulty of the movements as you move through it. So in the same way there’s two levels shown above for each type of movement, we have many more levels to progress through in the Bulletproof program

This is really just a toe dip into the deep waters of great training that can be achieved with minimal equipment. We believe that by following or program you can get significantly stronger and move with greater freedom without the need for a big gym membership

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Yours in beastliness,