Joey and JT rolling Bulletproof for BJJ

Starting BJJ to get fit is like climbing Mount Everest to lose weight.

Some people take up jogging, yoga or swimming just to improve their “Fitness.” This is ok as all of these things can be eased into. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu even at a White belt level can be completely overwhelming physically and mentally. It’s just not as simple as “Fitness”

Why did you start BJJ? Did you hear Joe Rogan talk about it? Did you see Royce Gracie in the early UFC days? Maybe your friend dragged you to a class and you got hooked?

Either way you are rolling as much as you can because BJJ is the best …

BUT you feel a few niggles coming on now. You might already have a couple of old injuries from doing sports or just being reckless as a fun loving human partying in your 20’s. You ignore the early warning signs because the rush of rolling makes it all worth it but…

BJJ is not a fitness solution!

You are getting stack passed, cross-faced and guillotined. Your neck is cranked, your lower back aches and because you are gripping for your life it seems you have got tendonitis in your elbows?!

Jiu-jitsu is the art of bending joints the wrong way and the effort required to fight against someone trying to test your ligaments will also tax your muscles and tendons in a way that can make your body sore for days.

The wear and tear BJJ puts on your body is beyond anything else you will experience in any other social sport. Which is what Jiu-jitsu is, a very social sport: Meet strangers, roll around on the floor with them, try to strangle each other and hug it out when the round finishes.

The intimate nature of BJJ builds real bonds that many other pursuits in everyday life build. It demands a high level of trust and tolerance for people forcing themselves into your personal space. It changes you physically and mentally. It is incredibly demanding Hobby and requires you to do lots of body maintenance just to keep you healthy.

BJJ is a life changer.

In order to keep up this crazy thing you love you must change your life or your journey will be cut short through injury. It doesn’t matter how you came to the BJJ path but now you are on it see it through, it is one of the most worth while things you can do.