•   Increases students strength and body awareness
•   Reduce Injuries (and membership suspensions)
•   Increase student retention
•   Set your academy apart from the pack

By Becoming An Academy Subscriber Today

The Academy Subscription

•   Full Access For All: Every student can access all Bulletproof For BJJ

•   Peace of Mind: Knowing your team have the most effective guidance on
     BJJ strength and mobility at their fingertips

•   Injury Solutions: Plans for what to work in while injured, keeping them
motivated and
in the academy

•   Opportunities: Offer the programs as part of your membership, or
increase membership
rates to increase academy revenue.

How Does It Work?

3 Simple Steps

1  –  Sign up now

2  –  Receive your login details via email

3  –  Start adding your students!

Easily add new students and delete old ones with their email address through your Account Profile.
They each receive their own unique login details.

Plus You Get:

•   The ‘Academy Startup Kit’ so you can hype the program with your team (we’ll email this to you)
•   We contact you personally after joining to make sure you get the most out of your Subscription