About Us

Joey Worthington

Joey’s martial arts journey started with watching video recordings of Van Damme and Bruce Lee films. As a kid he could be found practicing high-kicks and nunchuck techniques in the backyard of his parents home in Sydney, Australia

He would dabble in many different forms over the years – Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu – but would not find one to call home until stumbling across BJJ in his early 20s…

His BJJ journey spans 11 years to day, where he’s currently a brown Belt under Adam Childs of Alliance BJJ Sydney. He has travelled the world training BJJ, competing in Brazil and Japan as well as at home in Australia.

Alongside his BJJ journey, he dove deep into the world of physical conditioning – educating himself amongst the various forms: weightlifting, crossfit, calisthenics. Amongst his peers her quickly became the ‘go-to’ guy for getting fit and strong

For the last 7 years he has been a sought-after Strength and Movement Coach, working out of his own gym – Jungle Brothers Strength & Movement. He has studied privately under some of the worlds top coaches, including Ido Portal and Emmet Louis

He credits his consistent strength and movement-based training as central to his success in BJJ. He is passionate about training hard and sharing this message with others

James ‘JT’ Tomlinson

James (JT’S) martial arts journey started as a 10yr old, chubby, bullied kid. Craving an escape from being the school punching bag he found TaeKwonDo.

One effective self-defence technique and three classes later, the kid was addicted to martial arts. At the same time he found weight training and he quickly transformed into a man child! This sparked a 15 year journey of fitness and fighting that lead him to move to Melbourne

JT won a national championship in 2006 and an international competition in 2007. At the same time he was constantly improving his physical conditioning knowledge, on his way to becoming one of the first certified kettlebell trainers in Australia.

At the start of 2008 he found Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It totally kicked his butt! After this point, his passion for learning martial arts took a new path and he started to conceive ways to get stronger and fitter for this new challenge. He quickly became the go to guy to ask about improving physically for BJJ.

Traveling, training and competing for extended periods of time in Brazil, the United States and Canada enabled JT to see how jiu-jitsu was evolving at the highest level. His constant quest to find the most effective training methods would continue to give him a competitive advantage on the mat. From that time, he has worked with multiple world-champions as well as some of Australia’s best grapplers

Having experienced his own battles with injury and seeing others suffer the pain of time lost on the mats, JT wants to help more people roll better for longer using the right training.

“You have an obligation to know how to look after your body.”

How Bulletproof For BJJ Evolved

How James and Joey came to meet is a classic tale…

Being from different cities in Australia, they weren’t aware of each other for a long while… But they would both attend local BJJ comps, and invariably get asked versions of the same question –

“hey man, have you seen that guy from (Sydney/Melbourne) who’s also a blue belt and does kettlebell training? He looks JUST LIKE YOU!”

The boys were both intrigued…

‘Who is this doppelgänger of mine?? I thought I was the only BJJ guy doing kettlebells and strength training?’

It didn’t take long before the pair were at the same comp and would finally meet each other. They instantly became long lost bros.

From that point on they were mates, working hard to progress their BJJ, while also developing their physicality off the mats, and coaching others on how to do the same… They traded information on what was working for them and their clients…

It wasn’t long before they both had a similar thought – ‘with all of our collective knowledge, what can we do to help the BJJ community?’

The rest is history…

Are your ready?